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Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden is one of the most popular Shonen anime of all time and has more than enough merchandise, including Funko Pops. With over 60 Pops across sequels and collaborations, you’ll probably need a guide that covers the cost, rarity, description, and Pop number for each Naruto figure. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

And don’t be shy! Use our checklist to keep track of your Naruto Funko Pop collection!

Naruto Funko Pops Checklist

Print out this chart and use it to keep track of all of your Naruto Funko Pop figures.

Name/Number x Name/Number x Name/Number x
71 Naruto   455 Sasuke (Curse Mark)    933 Shikamaru Nara  
71 Naruto Pre-Release   548 Kakashi (Lightning B.)    934 Pain  
72 Sasuke   578 Itachi – Alliance Ent.   935 Minato Namikaze  
72 Sasuke Pre-Release   722 Madara Reanimation    935 Minato N. AAA  
73 Kurama 6”   725 Kurama (Maj. Attire)   935 Minato Chase/GITD  
73 Kurama 6″ Pre-Release   726 Naruto (Sexy Jutsu)   936 Kabuto Yakushi  
73 Kurama 6″ Flocked    727 Naruto Running   944 Pain (Almighty Push)  
97 Kurama Mode Kurama    728 Gaara   994 Kakashi Anbu   
179 Kaguya Otsutsuki    728 Gaara Metallic   994 Kakashi Anbu Chase  
181 Naruto (Rasengan)   729 Orochimaru   1015 Kakashi (Susano’o)  
182 Kakashi   730 Tsunade   1022 Itachi with Crows  
183 Sakura   739 Rock Lee    1023 Sasuke (Rinnegan)  
184 Tobi   822 Kakashi (Lightning B.)   1023 Sasuke (GITD)  
185 Naruto (Sage Mode)    823 Naruto Uzumaki    1023 Asuma – Hot Topic  
186 Naruto (Six Path)   932 Naruto (6 Path Sage)   1025 Jiraiya – NYCC 2021  
186 Naruto (GITD)   932 Naruto Uzumaki GITD      

* I’ll add to this list as more Naruto Pops are announced.

Boruto Funko Pops Checklist

Print out this chart and use it to keep track of all of your Boruto Funko Pop figures.

Name/Number x Name/Number x
671 Boruto Uzumaki   724 Naruto (Hokage) Chase GITD   
672 Sarada Uchiha   Boruto Uzumaki (Kāma)  
673 Mitsuki   Shikadai Nara  
698 Sasuke Uchiha – Specialty Series   Kawaki Uzumaki  
699 Mitsuki (Sage Mode) GITD – Hot Topic   Chocho Akimichi  
724 Naruto (Hokage) – AAA Anime   Inojin Yamanaka  

* I’ll add to this list as more Boruto Pops are announced.

Naruto Pops Collabs/Extras Checklist

Print out this chart and use it to keep track of all of your Naruto Funko Pop figures.

Name/Number x Name/Number x
1017 Badtz-Maru Itachi   1020 My Melody Sakura  
1018 Chococat Sasuke   1021 Pochacco Kakashi  
1018 Chococat Flocked – Fye   73 Jiraiya On Toad  
1019 Hello Kitty Naruto   106 Naruto on Gamakichi  
1019 Hello Kitty GITD – Target    732 Sasuke vs. Naruto  – GameStop  

* I’ll add to this list as more Naruto Pops are announced

I Sort our Naruto Pops Guide Based on Wave

Instead of using box number or release date, the Naruto Funko Pops below are sorted based on wave. Each Naruto Pop figure is sectioned based on information on the back of the box, which contains commons, not special editions. Special editions of Pops pictured with Wave 2, but came out during Wave 3, were put back into Wave 2 for the following reasons:

  1. Special editions often used skins from commons of that wave, were presented in the waves released during the anime, or used common characters in the wave.
  2. Numbers help categorize your collection, but it doesn’t tell you when a Pop came out, which determines rarity and price. For example, 179 Kaguya Otsutsuki – NYCC 2020 uses high hundreds as its number, which would fit her in Wave 1 or 2, but actually came out in Wave 3 during the 2020 New York City Comic-Con.

There are over 40 Naruto Pops in the non-collaborative sets, but Funko doesn’t support this series as much as they used to. With the anime ending and Boruto’s bad reception, there may not be many more sets unless the show makes an unexpected return. 

In this article, I’ll look at all the Pops available in the Naruto set, including collaborations and the sequel, Boruto. I’ll also discuss Naruto facts and Pop rarity, which is subject to change.

Wave 1 (December 2015)

At the end of December 2015, Naruto fans rejoiced that their favorite series was finally turning into Funko Pops. Two years before the anime’s ending, Funko Pop slowly released popular anime characters from the series. Of course, Naruto and Sasuke are there, but the other Team 7 members, Sakura and Kakashi, are missing. This seemed like an odd choice.


Naruto 72

There are a total of 3 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 1.

Wave 1 of Naruto is one of the few initial waves to include a 6” figure. Although it’s appropriate for Kurama to be a big vinyl, considering he’s the size of a stadium, it likely prevented collectors from nabbing a complete set. Besides that, Wave 1 isn’t that remarkable.

You can tell that the quality on the bases are not as good as they eventually become, but seeing classic Naruto characters was a warm sight for fans and largely contributed to the Pop craze.

Special Editions

72 Sasuke

There are a total of 5 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 1.

71 Naruto – Hot Topic Pre-Release

Pre-release exclusives are always a mixed bag because you’re essentially paying for a sticker. The 71 Naruto Pre-Release and official release don’t look any different, but the pre-release is virtually impossible to find. When you do find it, you’ll have to pay $200-$300 to own it.

72 Sasuke – Hot Topic Pre-Release

Similar to the 71 Naruto Pre-Release, the 72 Sasuke Pre-Release looks precisely the same as the official release. Sasuke is easier to find, probably because he’s a more popular character, but he’s still just as expensive. Be prepared to shell out at least $200 on your exclusive sticker.

73 Kurama 6″ – Hot Topic Pre-Release

To finish off the set of pre-releases, the 73 Kurama 6” is as impossible to find as ever. Say it with me: the Hot Topic pre-release is a clone of the official release. Were they trying to make a Shadow Clone joke? Either way, the cost for this Pop isn’t funny at $350 or more.

73 Kurama 6″ Flocked – Hot Topic

Kurama hasn’t finished off his list of exclusives yet. 73 Kurama 6” Flocked is another Hot Topic exclusive that feels fuzzy to the touch. Using the 6” Kurama base, this flocked edition is just as big and impressive as the common but has an unimpressive price point of $30-$60.

97 Kurama Mode Kurama GITD 6″ – GameStop

I promise this is the last Kurama Pop figure, for now. The 97 Kurama Mode Kurama GITD 6″ finishes off strong by using the 6” Kurama base to go full beast mode. With glow-in-the-dark action, this GameStop exclusive is the most expensive of the Kurama bunch at $300-$500.

Wave 2 (May 2017)

As with Wave 2, there isn’t enough data online to pin down a specific release date, but we know that 4 commons came out in May 2017. At this point, Naruto Shippuden had already aired its final episode on March 23rd, 2017. Wave 2 added a bittersweet “bye” to the series.


182 Kakashi 

There are a total of 4 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 2.

It looks like the artists paid more attention to Naruto in this set because he has the most opposability compared to the others. I personally find it amusing that Team 7 was released without Sasuke but with Tobi instead, playing up Sasuke’s defection and betrayal. 

Instead of Sasuke, collectors had two other Naruto’s to collect: 185 Naruto (Sage Mode) and 186 Naruto (Six Path). Both Pops have exclusivity with GameStop and Hot Topic, but these exclusives are commons, not special editions, depending on who you ask (not me).

Special Editions

578 Itachi

There are a total of 8 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 2.

185 Naruto (Sage Mode) – GameStop

While this Naruto (Sage Mode) exclusive is only available at GameStop, it’s also considered a common by some because it appears at the back of the Naruto Wave 2 Funko boxes. Due to its age, it can be pretty expensive. If the box has a “Special Edition” sticker, the value is decreased.

186 Naruto (Six Path) – Hot Topic

Another pseudo-special edition, the Naruto (Six Path) Hot Topic exclusive, also appears at the back of Naruto Wave 2 Funko boxes. While not pricey by any means, it could be out of some collector’s budget soon, as I’ve seen listings that range from $40-$90 apiece.

186 Naruto (Six Path) GITD – Hot Topic

As the first variety in Wave 2 that’s kind of, sort of not on the back of the Naruto Wave 2 Funko boxes, this version of Naruto (Six Path) glows in the dark. Also exclusively available at Hot Topic, it’s surprisingly much cheaper than its more common counterpart at $50.

455 Sasuke (Curse Mark) – Convention Exclusive

As one of the coolest looking Naruto Funko Pops so far, Sasuke (Curse Mark) was appropriately chosen to be sold at conventions across the United States. Like most “Convention Exclusives,” collectors buy them up fast, so they’re easy to find online and cheap to buy at $30.

548 Kakashi (Lightning Blade) – Hot Topic

Hot Topic loves their anime exclusive Pops, but this one is especially neat looking. Featuring the iconic Chidori (Lightning Blade) and Sharingan eye, Kakashi doesn’t look like the kind of guy you want to mess with. But, many collectors would mess with the price. At $30, he’s accessible.

578 Itachi – Alliance Entertainment

While far from being the strangest collab in Funko Pop history, Alliance Entertainment, a distributor of music, movies, and consumer electronics, decided to get in on the action. Despite collaborating with a popular character, this Itachi exclusive will only put you back $20.

722 Madara Reanimation – GameStop

Madara Reanimation is way too new for Wave 2, but he manages to squeeze in right at the end. This GameStop exclusive is really interesting to look at, as it features his Gunbai or “War Fan” and his newly required Rinnegan. On average, you’ll find Madara online for $40-$60.

725 Kurama (Majestic Attire: Susano’o) 6″ – Hot Topic

Is it possible to call Kurama’s attire anything but majestic? While it’s difficult to mimic the Susano’o on an actual figure, they did a good job mimicking the purples and yellows associated with his character design. This 6” Hot Topic exclusive figure will cost you only $50-$60!

Wave 3 (March 2020)

At this point, Naruto Pops are starting to fade from the public consciousness. This commonly happens when a show ends, but the dip was pretty severe. At this point, most Naruto fans were disappointed with Boruto, leading to an even bigger backlash. But Funko Pops still pressed on.


728 Gaara 

There are a total of 4 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 3.

  • 727 Naruto Running 
  • 728 Gaara 
  • 729 Orochimaru 
  • 730 Tsunade 

It’s good to see that Naruto is more than aware of its own meme, as the Pop 727 Naruto Running is one of the funniest Pops readily available. I recommend purchasing this beauty for your collection. It isn’t expensive either; these commons are $15-$20 each. 

Special Editions

179 Kaguya Otsutsuki

There are a total of 6 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 3.

179 Kaguya Otsutsuki – NYCC 2020

Speaking of fan disappointment, here’s a Pop of the final boss Kaguya Otsutsuki. Actually, the Pop itself is quite beautiful and contains a lot of detail. In that way, this NYCC exclusive may deserve a place on your shelf if it weren’t for the price ($70) and her awful characterization. 

726 Naruto (Sexy Jutsu) – Box Lunch

Naruto’s Sexy no Jutsu has been a staple in the series since its inception, and it now holds a place in Funko Pop history forever. This Pop can be difficult to find, even though Box Lunch exclusives are usually easy to get. If you want 727 Naruto, prices range from $30-$50.

728 Gaara Metallic – Hot Topic

Metallic Pops are standard in other Funko sets, so it’s weird to see only one. Still, it makes sense that it would be one of the series’ most popular characters. Gaara Pops are difficult to keep in stock, and so was the metallic version initially, but now it’s $30 and easy to find.

739 Rock Lee – Hot Topic

It’s about time this fan-favorite got his own Pop and in an appropriate kicking position, too. Rock Lee filled the shelves when it first came out, which was bizarre for a Hot Topic exclusive. Savvy collectors didn’t even want the Green Lotus either. One eBay search populates hundreds of hits.

822 Kakashi (Lightning Blade) – GameStop

Someone really likes Kakashi at Funko Pop. There are more Pops of him than Sasuke, but with a Pop like 822 Kakashi (Lightning Blade), that’s starting to make sense. This Pop, featuring a bent down Kakashi using his Chidori, will cost you a pretty penny at $50-$130.

823 Naruto Uzumaki – Box Lunch

This adorable Pop displays what Naruto does best: eat ramen. More often than not, Box Lunch produces incredible-looking exclusives that revamp the standard bobblehead style they’re famous for. This $70 figure has a lot of parts and uniquely sits crossed-legged on the ground.

Wave 4: Boruto: The Next Generation (March 2020)

Boruto: The Next Generation follows the stories of the previous main character’s children. Boruto, Naruto Uzumaki’s son, is the title character of the series. While there is only one Wave at the moment, releasing with Naruto Wave 4, it’s had a promising start.


671 Boruto Uzumaki

There are a total of 3 common edition Pops currently available for this Boruto Wave.

Boruto commons are becoming rarer nowadays, but they still don’t sell for much. Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki sell for $15-$25 and frequently appear on eBay.

Special Editions

699 Mitsuki (Sage Mode)

There are a total of 4 special edition Pops currently available for this Boruto Wave.

  • 698 Sasuke Uchiha – Specialty Series
  • 699 Mitsuki (Sage Mode) GITD – Hot Topic
  • 724 Naruto (Hokage) – AAA Anime
  • 724 Naruto (Hokage) Chase GITD – AAA Anime

I’ll be brief since Boruto isn’t technically a part of the main series. Due to Boruto’s waning popularity in the West, most Boruto special edition Pops cost $30 except for the 724 Chase.


There are a few Boruto Pops that have yet to come out, including:

  • Boruto Uzumaki (Kāma)
  • Shikadai Nara
  • Kawaki Uzumaki
  • Chocho Akimichi
  • Inojin Yamanaka

This line-up will likely release in January or February of 2022.

Wave 3: POP! Moments (2020)

Funko POP! Moments is one of Funko’s many offshoots of Funko Pops. While POP! Moments are more expensive, they’re also much larger and usually combine multiple Pops in a scene. Most POP! Moments are stationary and can’t be taken apart or played with.

Special Editions

There is only one announced Naruto Pop that belongs to POP! Moments.

732 Sasuke vs. Naruto – GameStop

732 Sasuke vs. Naruto

The beautifully animated and powerful Sasuke vs. Naruto fight at the end of the series was what we were all waiting for. POP! Moments takes a snapshot of that fight, specifically the final clash, and displays it in an admittingly goofy way. At resale, you’ll likely pay $50-$60 for it.

Wave 3 & 4: POP! Rides (2020)

POP! Rides are another popular offshoot of Funko Pops. In every Pop figure, a character is sitting inside a car, ship, horse, bicycle, or in Naruto and Jiraiya’s case, frogs/toads.

Special Editions

73 Jiraiya On Toad

There are currently two Naruto Pop’s that belong to POP! Rides.

73 Jiraiya On Toad – Hot Topic

As one of the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya is a strong, capable ninja. Despite his faults, I’ve always liked his character, so I was excited to see this vinyl. 73 Jiraiya On Toad is literally surfing on his summoning toad Gama, which earns cool points. This Pop usually costs $70-$100.

106 Naruto on Gamakichi – Hot Topic

Just like his mentor Jiraiya, Naruto is hanging out on his own summoning toad, except his is called Gamakichi. Can I just comment on his eyes for a second? While Sage Naruto looks great in the anime, as a Pop, he just looks like he’s squinting. You’ll easily find 106 for $35.

Wave 4 (January 2021)

Wave 4 brought the love for Naruto up front and center. More and more fans were giving Boruto a chance, especially after that fight. You know the one. By mid-January old and new Naruto fans alike were seeing the series in a different light, which no doubt benefitted Pop figures.


935 Minato Namikaze

There are a total of 5 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 4

  • 932 Naruto (Sixth Path Sage)
  • 933 Shikamaru Nara
  • 934 Pain
  • 935 Minato Namikaze
  • 936 Kabuto Yakushi

The newest wave is still available in-store, but you may be sorting through some slim pickings. Out of all the Pops in Wave 4, the Pain is the most expensive at $20 for resale, but Minato Namikaze looks the coolest. As of now, Shikamaru Nara is sold for less than $10.

Special Editions

944 Pain

There are a total of 12 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 4.

932 Naruto Uzumaki GITD – Specialty Series

Six Paths Naruto is crazy strong, and it makes sense to create a Six Paths Funko Pop, but they didn’t have to spoil us. Adding glow in the dark to this figure is a nice touch, and they managed to put it in all the right places, like his hair, jacket, and eyes. Plus, he’s only $20.

935 Minato Namikaze – AAA Anime

The AAA Anime Minato Namikaze exclusively got the character to stand up. With his Chidori in one hand and the Hiraishin Kunai in the other, he looks like he’s ready for a fight. As one of the newest exclusives, Minato Namikaze will be nice to your wallet and only ask for $25.

935 Minato Namikaze Chase GITD – AAA Anime

The Minato Namikaze Chase looks identical to the AAA Anime exclusive, except it glows in the dark. Besides Naruto, the only other character I would think deserves the GITD treatment is a man called the Yellow Flash. The Minato Chase isn’t too bad either. At $45-$50, it’s a steal.

944 Pain (Almighty Push) GITD – Chalice

Pain Funko Pops just make me uneasy. Maybe it’s the nearly metallic Rinnegan eyes he has. At $40 a Pop, It’s pretty uncommon to see Chalice exclusives for such a low price. It’s even more surprising when you look at the glow-in-the-dark effects on his hair, eyes, and coat.

994 Kakashi (Anbu) – AAA Anime

First up in the Anbu Kakashi series is him “unmasked,” even though he’s wearing a mask. If episode 101 of Naruto has taught us anything; it’s that this guy has plenty. Without the Anbu mask, Kakashi still looks threatening and rad. Luckily, he’s cheap at $15-$20 per figure.

994 Kakashi (Anbu) Chase Masked – AAA Anime

I don’t think I’ve ever found a toy that I want to be more than 994 Kakashi (Anbu) chase. It just oozes cool, from the mask to the stance and the colors. It seems like other Naruto fans felt the same way because you’ll never find this Pop, and if you do, you’re paying at least $100 for it.

1015 Kakashi (Perfect Susano’o) – Hot Topic

The first time you see this Pop, it’s hard not to say “Wow.” The way the light blue perfectly matches with the white, dark blue, and red actually makes me think this figure is at a different level. As they say, the best things in life aren’t free, and neither is 1015’s $70 price tag.

1022 Itachi with Crows – Box Lunch

The more I get down this list, the more I’m convinced the Naruto people working with Pop upped their game for this wave. Instead of standing, Itachi is floating. He looks pretty whimsical, and the base looks pretty good, sans the nail polish. You can get Itachi for $30-$40.

1023 Sasuke (Rinnegan) – AAA Anime

The energy Sasuke is giving off here is pure sass. I rarely see Pops with their hands on their hips, but doesn’t it look like Sasuke is judging you? He probably would be judging you, so I guess this Pop fits with his character. Despite his exclusivity, he can be found at $30 or less.

1023 Sasuke (Rinnegan) GITD Chase – AAA Anime

Forget about having your hand on your hip; that’s not good enough for the Chase Pop. No, Sasuke has to be sassy while threatening you, and I can’t express how brilliant that choice is. But, unless you have $70, you’re going to have to pass this one up for the non-Chase.

1023 Asuma – Hot Topic

Asuma is a gone-to-soon favorite that had a lot of potential. He had an interesting fighting style, which this Pop shows off quite well. I can’t help but wonder where Asuma’s cigarette is. It could have been a cool accessory. If you want to add him to your collection, he’s only $20.

1025 Jiraiya – NYCC 2021

It’s very cool to see this character get his own Pop and not just a POP! Ride figure. At first glance, it looks like a filler piece, but once you notice the blue popsicles in his hand, the design instantly becomes wholesome. For $40, 1025 Jiraiya is more than worth the price.

Wave 4: Sanrio x Naruto (January – February 2022)

Sanrio and Toho Animation decided to expand their Hello Kitty and Friends partnership by mashing their light, colorful characters with Naruto’s dynamic personality. When put together, you have an incredibly adorable set that revives Chococat, a previously retired Sanrio character.


1017 Badtz-Maru Itachi

There are a total of 4 common edition Pops currently available for this Sanrio Wave.

  • 1017 Badtz-Maru Itachi
  • 1018 Chococat Sasuke
  • 1019 Hello Kitty Naruto
  • 1020 My Melody Sakura
  • 1021 Pochacco Kakashi

The commons range between $10-$15. Typically popular characters are more expensive, so expect to see high resale prices for Chococat Sasuke and Badtz-Maru Itachi.

Special Editions

There are a total of 2 special edition Pops currently available for this Sanrio Wave.

  • 1018 Chococat Flocked – Fye
  • 1019 Hello Kitty GITD – Target 

Sanrio has done several collaborations with anime recently, so it isn’t surprising to see Naruto get a taste of the action. Both special edition Pops will likely cost $20-$40 on release.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Naruto Funko Pops are Worth Money?

Answer: A lot of Pop collectors like to hunt for rare prototypes that either aren’t painted, or feature poses that aren’t greenlit. For example, the Naruto (Sage Mode) Prototype sells for $500 or more, while the Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake Prototypes go for $75.
If prototypes aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of official figures that sell for hundreds of dollars, such as Kurama Mode Kurama GITD 6″ – GameStop, the Kaguya Otsutsuki – NYCC 2020, and Jiraiya on Toad. Sasuke (Rinnegan) is currently the most expensive Chase.

Question: Are Funko Pops More Valuable in the Box? 

Answer: Yes, Funko Pops are much more valuable in the box they come in. Unless you never plan on selling your Pops, there’s no reason to take them out of the box to display them. The value of your Pops drops by 70%-80% when you either rip the cardboard, open the lid, or take it out for display. Even if you don’t sell your Pops, the box protects your toy from getting damaged.

Question: How Can You Tell Your Funko Pops Are Rare?

Answer: Collectors who want to sell Funko Pops on the side can determine rarity based on scarcity. Some Funko Pops build scarcity directly into the product (for example, Chase Pops), or they may strategically produce less of them without the buyer’s knowledge to create a market.
Some POP figures are so expensive that they sell for thousands. Some examples include A Clockwork Orange, Dumbo, or Freddy Funko as Count Chocula Funko Pop.
Although they aren’t so rare anymore, Convention Exclusives used to be limited to people who bought Pops at conventions. Some Dragon Ball Z exclusives sell for $100 or more. If they’re also Chase’s on top of that, your Pop Vinyls can find many willing, wealthy buyers.
You can quickly tell old Pops and new Pops also look different. Old Pops have more enormous eyes and longer faces. They often sell for $400 or more, especially if they’re rare or were limited in print.

Question: What Animes Have Funko Pops?

Answer: Several anime have Funko Pops, including Naruto, My Hero Academia, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Tokyo Ghoul, and Attack on Titan
Some of the most valued, vaulted, and rare anime Pops include:
• 20 Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)
• 22 Eran (Titan Form) (Attack on Titan)
• 145 Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)
• 147 Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)
• 16 Sebastian (Black Butler)
• 59 Ichigo (Bleach)
• 156 SSGSS Vegeta Blue (Dragon Ball Z)
Vaulted Pops are some of the most valued Pop Vinyls in the world. Getting your hand on them now will be difficult, but you can try your luck at third-party selling sites like eBay and Depop. You’re more likely to find cheap vaulted Pops at second-hand shops or big-box stores.

Final Thoughts

Naruto is the Shonen of our childhoods, and Funko Pops can help bring that child-like wonder back to life. The Naruto Funko Pop line has improved with time and began to branch out to less cookie-cutter designs, which is great to see for collectors. I recommend sticking to Funko Pops that provide the most amount of profit, like Jiraiya on a Toad! 

A word of advice: don’t stress too much about collecting Funko Pops to sell if you just want to collect for fun. Not everything has to be done for money. If you enjoy sorting through bargain bins and searching high and low for the best deal, then Pop hunting is the hobby for you!

If you’re an anime fan that loves to collect Funko Pops, check out our My Hero Academia Funko Pop Guide and our Best Anime Funko Pop Guide!