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My Hero Academia (MHA) is a popular Anime that has earned its fair share of merchandise, including Funko Pops. With over 80 Pops in circulation and more coming every year, you’ll no doubt need a guide that details the cost, number, description, and rarity of each figure. That’s why we brought all of the information a collector could ever need about the MHA Pop collection. 

Be sure to use our checklist so you never lose track of what you have and what you need!

My Hero Academia Funko Pops Checklist

Print out this chart and use it to keep track of all of your My Hero Academia Funko Pop figures.

Name/Number x Name/Number x Name/Number x
247 Deku   606 Eijiro Kirishima Metallic   790 Mina Ashido  
248 All Might   607 Fumikage Tokoyami   790 Mina Ashido Metallic  
248 All Might GITD   607 Fumikage Tokoyami Metallic   803 Katsuki Bakugo  
248 All Might Chrome    608 Silver Age All Might   820 Mr. Compress  
249 Katsuki   608 Silver Age All Might GITD   821 All Might 10″  
250 Tenya   608 Silver Age All Might Metallic   821 All Might 10″ GITD  
251 Ochaco   609 All for One   887 Ochaco Uraraka  
252 Deku (Battle)   610 Himiko Toga   887 Ochaco Uraraka Chase  
253 Ochaco (Masked)   611 Mirio Togata   911 Nejire Hado  
371 All Might (Weakened)   612 Mount Lady 6″   920 Present Mic  
372 Todoroki   636 Hero Killer Stain   969 Katsuki Bakugo  
372 Todoroki GITD   637 Dabi   985 Fatgum  
372 Todoroki Metallic   646 All for One w/ Battle Hand   986 Gang Orca  
373 Deku (Training)   647 All For One (Charged)   1004 Mirio Togata in Hero Costume  
374 Tsuyu   648 All Might (Weakened) GITD   1005 Tamaki Amajiki in Hero Costume  
375 Shota Aizawa   681 Mei Hatsume   1006 Sir Nighteye  
376 Shota Aizawa Hero   695 Hitoshi Shinso   1007 Ryuko in Hero Costume  
494 Deku in Onesie   736 Midnight   1008 Infinite Deku with Eri  
495 Endeavor   740 Tenya Iida   1008 Infinite Deku with Eri GITD  
564 Deku S3   783 Izuku Midoriya   1009 Eijiro Unbreakable  
565 Tomura Shigaraki   784 Shigaraki   1009 Eijiro Unbreakable Metallic  
596 Deku GITD   785 Endeavor   1010 Infinite Deku 10″ Super-Sized  
603 Izuku Midoriya   785 Endeavor GITD   1011 Eri  
603 Izuku Midoriya Metallic   786 Best Jeanist   1011 Eri  
604 All Might (Teacher)   787 Himiko Toga   1012 Overhaul – Chalice  
605 Momo Yaoyorozu   788 Overhaul   1014 Aizawa Sleeping Bag  
606 Eijiro Kirishima   789 Kurogiri   1029 Himiko (Unmasked)  

* We’ll add to this list as more My Hero Academia Pops are announced

My Hero Academia Funko Pops Collabs/Extras Checklist

Print out this chart and use it to keep track of all of your My Hero Academia Funko Pop figures.

Name/Number x Name/Number x
791 Hello Kitty All Might   794 My Melody Ochaco Metallic – GameStop  
791 Hello Kitty All Might – Diamond Collection   795 Tuxedosam Todoroki  
792 Pochacco Deku   795 Tuxedosam Todoroki Metallic  
793 Badtz-Maru Bakugo   796 Keroppi Tsuyu  
794 My Melody Ochaco   04 U.A. High School w/ Izuku Midoriya  

* We’ll add to this list as more My Hero Academia Pops are announced

My Hero Academia Funko Pops Guide Sorted by Wave

The My Hero Academia Funko Pops shown below are sorted based on the wave, not the date of release or number. We determine what was placed in each wave by the back of the box, which contains all commons but not the special editions. If the special edition Pop has pictures of Wave 3, but it came out during Wave 4, it was placed in Wave 3 for two reasons:

  1. Most special editions use skins from the commons of that wave, use characters that were common in that wave or were presented in the waves released during the anime.
  2. Although using numbers is helpful for collecting, it isn’t optimal for knowing when they came out, which can judge their rarity. For example, 250 Tenya is one of the rarest and most expensive Pops, but 740 Tenya Iida – GameStop is rare due to it being a special edition, but it isn’t as expensive as 250 Tenya even though both use the same base.

There are over 80 My Hero Academia Pops in the non-collaborative sets, and more are released every month. Since the show is incredibly popular, it’s likely that more will be added to the list in the near future. Let’s take a look at all the Pops you can buy in this set, along with some interesting facts. While we will discuss Pop rarity, that is subject to change at any time.

Wave 1 (February 25th, 2017)

Wave 1, which was likely released on February 25th, 2017 (there’s little data on specific dates for older sets), over a year before the initial English Anime release and a month before the Original Season 2 air date of My Hero Academia. Thanks to streaming sites like Crunchyroll, American audiences still gained legal access to the Japanese air date, which helped sales.


There are a total of 5 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 1.

  • 247 Deku 
  • 248 All Might
  • 249 Katsuki
  • 250 Tenya
  • 251 Ochaco

Wave 1 is pretty unremarkable for 4 of the 5 Pops. Deku, All Might, Katsuki, and Ochaco all received enough screen time and sold quickly. However, 250 Tenya is a bizarre outlier. Retailers couldn’t sell him, and he wasn’t well-liked because he was a minor character in Season 1.

Once Season 2 rolled around, and he had his arc 250 Tenya became impossible to find. A pop that was originally sold in the bargain bin now costs a whopping $200-$300 if you can find it!

Special Editions

There are a total of 4 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 1.

248 All Might Chrome – Funimation

It’s unclear why this Funimation exclusive has such a cool box, but it does. As a way to promote the show to Japanese and American audiences, Funimation sold an exclusive 25th-anniversary edition of All Might Pop that is decently priced at $30-$40. It’s also easy to find in used markets.

248 All Might GITD – 2017 Funimation

Another Funimation exclusive All Might, this glow-in-the-dark version used to only be available on the studio’s online shop. It’s incredibly rare and only sold in small qualities, but he isn’t impossible to find. Thanks to the popularity of the show, there are a few available for $250.

252 Deku (Battle) – Hot Topic

As the first Hot Topic exclusive, this Deku created a lot of publicity surrounding the show. Since Hot Topic is primarily a store that stocks Anime items as of late, it brought in a significant amount of Deku’s to promote other merchandise. You can find it at a rock bottom price: $15.

253 Ochaco (Masked) – 2017 SDCC

As one of the first con exclusives to start this trend, the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con sold the 253 Ochaco (Masked) in very limited quantities, so limited that it’s one of the rarest on this list. Although you’re likely to see this Pop often, you won’t pay less than $300 to own it.

Wave 2 (August 10, 2018)

Wave 2, which was likely released on August 10, 2018 (there’s little data on specific dates for older sets), was a happy sight. My Hero Academia proved it had the staying power to keep consumer interest. From now on, each set (Wave) releases a year or less than a year apart.


There are a total of 5 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 2.

  • 371 All Might (Weakened)
  • 372 Todoroki
  • 373 Deku (Training)
  • 374 Tsuyu
  • 375 Shota Aizawa

There is nothing remarkable about Wave 2. You can find each Pop figure for $15 each, and they’re super easy to locate online. The only comment I’ll make is on Todoroki, who was definitely someone’s favorite character at Funko. He looks like a special edition Pop!

Special Editions

There are a total of 10 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 2.

372 Todoroki GITD – Convention Exclusive

This Glow in the Dark Todoroki is a Convention Exclusive, but it’s challenging to find information on what convention it’s exclusive to. All we know is that it’s rare, unique, and kind of expensive. Some GITD exclusives will have a “Special Edition” sticker instead. Both versions go for $65.

372 Todoroki Metallic – Box Warehouse

Box Warehouse is no doubt the strangest collaboration because they’re an Amazon Seller. Although this Metallic version of Todoroki is hard to find, it isn’t that pricey at $30 a pop. Unfortunately for them, this was the first and last time Box Warehouse collaborated with Funko.

376 Shota Aizawa Hero – Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a popular store with access to exclusive Anime licenses. One of them being My Hero Academia, which made this Shota Aizawa Hero Hot Topic number the second of many store-specific Pops. Hot Topic made quite a few, so you can easily find him for $30.

494 Deku in Onesie – GameStop

Both the 494 Deku in Onesie and the 495 Endeavor Pop were available in a Pop: Animation box released in early 2019 and included a Todoroki Pin, All Might Pen, and Bakugou Keychain. Deku in Onesie can go for $80-$120, which is significantly more expensive than Endeavor.

495 Endeavor – GameStop

While Deku is adorably shown in his All Might onesie, which appeared in episode 1 of the Anime. 495 Endeavor, which predates the 785 Endeavor common by almost 2 years, adds some cool texture to the fire with invisible plastic. You can pick up 495 Endeavor for $25.

565 Tomura Shigaraki – Galactic Toys

Galactic Toys and Collectables circa 2013 is a small toy store with one location in Kentwood, MI making them one of the most interesting choices for exclusivity. Pops should be rarer with one shop available, but thanks to their online store, Tomura Shigaraki isn’t that rare and costs $25.

564 Deku S3 – Hot Topic

Another Hot Topic exclusive, Deku S3 (Season 3), was widely sold across the world in their over 675 locations. Although Hot Topic requires 3 Pops per person, it isn’t rare. Similar to the 376 Shota Aizawa Hero Pop, you’ll find 564 Deku S3 for$30, but you can probably snag it for less. 

596 Deku GITD – Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth has enough influence to sell their own line of collectibles, which has to count for something. Released in 2019, this Pop restocks pretty frequently and may only cost you $20-$30 – not bad! Plus, Deku’s One for All blue energy glows in the dark!

636 Hero Killer Stain – 2019 NYCC

636 Hero Killer Stain was a Fall 2019 New York City Comic Con exclusive and has not been sold elsewhere as of writing this. Its exclusivity makes him sought after, but since NYCC is a popular convention in a populated area, there are many sellers who’ll charge $50-$200 for one.

637 Dabi – 2019 NYCC

Dabi was also a Fall 2019 New York City Comic Con exclusive, but it’s much rarer and sold out quicker than Stain did. The reason? A lot of fans have a massive crush on him. Seriously! Due to this, you’re unlikely to find Dabi for less than $100. Mint condition versions go for $300.

Wave 3 (October 26, 2019)

Wave 3, released on October 26th, 2019, truly started the My Hero Academia Pop buying craze. There were plenty of fans of the show that wanted merchandise, but with so few people stocking figures, many of the following releases were out of stock for a while. That caused a bigger influx of common Pops, but don’t worry, many of the special edition Pops will sell for plenty. 


There are a total of 7 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 3.

  • 603 Izuku Midoriya
  • 604 All Might (Teacher)
  • 605 Momo Yaoyorozu
  • 606 Eijiro Kirishima
  • 607 Fumikage Tokoyami
  • 608 Silver Age All Might
  • 609 All for One

Most of Wave 3 is reasonably priced at $10-$15 each, but 606 Eijiro Kirishima and 608 Silver Age All Might are a bit more expensive at $20-$30 each. All 7 are easy to find.

Special Editions

There are a total of 18 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 3.

603 Izuku Midoriya Metallic – FYE

The popular entertainment and pop culture store FYE released this Metallic version of Midoriya, which is still readily available and dirt cheap for an exclusive. Expect to pay $20-$30.

606 Eijiro Kirishima Metallic – Box Lunch

Box Lunch sells some pretty rad exclusives, and this Metallic Kirishima is no different. Due to the popularity of this character, you’ll likely pay $30-$50 for him. Unfortunately, he’s hard to find.

607 Fumikage Tokoyami Metallic – GameStop

It seems MHA fans can’t get enough of the Metallic exclusives because GameStop has one too. If you can find him, you’ll pay the most for Tokoyami at $40-$60. He’s quite rare!

608 Silver Age All Might Metallic – Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is another retailer that stocks a lot of Pops, so it’s unsurprising they’re finishing up the Metallic trend. Unfortunately for collectors, All Might is easy to find and cheap at $20.

608 Silver Age All Might GITD – Hot Topic

Most glow-in-the-dark exclusives use a lot of creativity with where they put their glow, and with All Might, you’ll get to see his eyebrows, hair, and teeth at night. He’s inexpensive at $35.

610 Himiko Toga – AAA Anime

AAA anime collectibles are one of the best Anime distribution sites on the Internet, and they offer many incredible exclusives, like Toga. She’s easy to find and reasonably priced at $30-$50.

611 Mirio Togata – Chalice Collectibles

Mirio Togata is far off from being a fan favorite, which is probably why this exclusive is $15 and available everywhere. It’s a shame, too, because Chalice typically sells a lot of cool collectibles.

612 Mount Lady 6″ – Hot Topic

Mount Lady sold out faster than the speed of light, and being a 6” figure; she’s already more expensive than other Pops at $60-$80. Fortunately, you won’t have any issues finding her.

646 All For One w/ Battle Hand – Big Apple

No one likes All For One, seriously, all of his Pops are easy to find, and of a similar price to a new Pop you’d buy in stores. If you want to pick this baby up, it’ll only cost you $14-$20.

647 All For One (Charged) – Fugitive Toys

Moral of the story: if you get an exclusive deal with Funko, don’t let it be with All For One. Once again, he’s inexpensive ($14-$20) but hard to find, likely because he isn’t worth the sale.

648 All Might (Weakened) GITD – Box Lunch

This glow-in-the-dark Box Lunch exclusive is generous with the glow because you’ll find it on his hair, eyes, teeth, and clothing. Although easy to find, he’s mid-priced at $30-$50 each.

681 Mei Hatsume – Hot Topic

It’s likely Funko was kicking themselves after they saw how popular Hatsume, a minor character, became because she sold out fast. However, that means she’s cheap at $15-$20.

695 Hitoshi Shinso – GameStop

It’s impossible to predict the popularity of some characters, and Shinso came out of left field. GameStop had a hard time keeping him in, so he’s $40-$60 each and difficult to locate.

736 Midnight – Galactic Toys

Galactic Toys exclusives don’t seem to go for a lot at resale, but you’ll see a decent return on this 736 Midnight. Expect to see $50 without a lot of competition from other sellers.

740 Tenya Iida – GameStop

If you want an Iida Pop, but you don’t want to pay 400 dollars for one, the 740 Tenya Iida is the answer to your prayers. While still expensive and rare, he’ll only set you back $60-$80.

820 Mr. Compress – 2020 NYCC

The 2020 New York Comic Con was entirely online, making 820 Mr. Compress one of the easiest Pops to snatch up. While he was stocked in limited quality, $40 is all you’ll pay.

821 All Might 10″

This large, 10” All Might was bought up quickly, but many independent shops are currently selling it back for a profit. The regular, non-GITD version can be sold for $40-$60.

821 All Might 10″ GITD – Funimation

Funimation also released an exclusive glow in the dark 10” All Might, which glows in a similar way to the smaller version. It’s quite rare and expensive, so you’ll have to pay $80-$100.

Wave 4 and Wave 5 (September 30th, 2020, March 8, 2021)

Wave 4 and Wave 5 are a bit confusing because when 784 Shigaraki, 786 Best Jeanist, 790 Mina Ashido, and 920 Present Mic were released, the company combined Wave 4 with 5. On the original boxes for Wave 4 (for example, 783 Izuku Midoriya), none of the Wave 5 add-ons were shown. We also combined Wave 4 and Wave 5 for simplicity’s sake. Here’s the collection:


There are a total of 9 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 4 & 5.

  • 783 Izuku Midoriya
  • 784 Shigaraki
  • 785 Endeavor
  • 786 Best Jeanist
  • 787 Himiko Toga
  • 788 Overhaul
  • 789 Kurogiri
  • 790 Mina Ashido
  • 920 Present Mic

As the newest set is currently available, all commons are easy to find and cost between $15-$20.

Special Editions

There are a total of 9 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 4 & 5.

785 Endeavor GITD – Amazon

Now Amazon is even getting in on the exclusive Funko Pop deals! Endeavor is the perfect candidate to receive a glow-in-the-dark makeover, and it’s still available for a decent price: $15.

790 Mina Ashido Metallic – GameStop

Although Metallic Mina Ashido is a GameStop exclusive, the sticker on the front of the box will say “Funko Insider Club.” You’ll find Metallic Mina easy enough and for the low price of $20.

803 Katsuki Bakugo – 2020 SDCC

It’s strange that one of the most popular characters, Bakugou, has so few Pops. That’s probably what makes this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive so sought after, which bumps his cost to $120.

887 Ochaco Uraraka – Funimation

Funimation’s 2020 exclusive Pop is unsurprisingly Ochaco, as she consistently rates high in popularity polls. Featuring a cool rock base and helmet, this Pop will run for $50 on average.

887 Ochaco Uraraka Chase – Funimation

Finding this Chase is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fakes are common, so watch your dollar because you’ll have to dish out $300-$400 for this exclusive Ochaco Uraraka Pop.

911 Nejire Hado – 2021 ECCC

The Emerald City Comic Con has some incredible exclusives, and Nejire Hado simply looks amazing. Although this Con just happened in Spring 2021, this Pop is already $120-$150.

969 Katsuki Bakugo – Hot Topic

Bakugou fans rejoice because there’s finally an exclusive that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Although he sold out fast at Hot Topic, there are plenty available online for $15-$30.

985 Fatgum – 2021 FunKon

Originally, Fatgum was incredibly expensive and hard to find, but he’s quite inexpensive now. Finding Fatgum is easy, and you will only pay $50-$60, which is a bit more than the retail price.

986 Gang Orca – 2021 FunKon

Gang Orca is also quite cheap and more inexpensive than FatGum, which came out simultaneously. There are several listings for this exclusive, but he’s still worth his retail price of $30-$40.

Wave 4: MHA x Hello Kitty and Friends (June 1, 2020)

Toho Animation and Sanrio expanded their Hello Kitty and Friends partnership by bringing Funko into the fold with a new mashup Pop figure collection. They’re both cute and creative. Honestly, Sanrio didn’t skimp on this mashup and actually created some cool Pops.


There are a total of 6 common edition Pops currently available for this Hello Kitty Wave.

  • 791 Hello Kitty All Might
  • 792 Pochacco Deku
  • 793 Badtz-Maru Bakugo
  • 794 My Melody Ochaco
  • 795 Tuxedosam Todoroki
  • 796 Keroppi Tsuyu

The common collection ranges between $10-$15. However, the 794 My Melody Ochaco and the 796 Keroppi Tsuyu can go for $20-$40 depending on their condition and rarity.

Special Editions

There are a total of 3 special edition Pops currently available for this Hello Kitty Wave.

  • 791 Hello Kitty All Might – Diamond Collection
  • 794 My Melody Ochaco Metallic – GameStop
  • 795 Tuxedosam Todoroki Metallic – Box Lunch

Since these Pops are collaborative and not specifically My Hero Academia, I’ll be brief. The special editions in the MHA x Hello Kitty and Friends collection go for less than $30.

Wave 5: Funko Pop Towns (March 8, 2021)

Funko Pop Towns is one of Funko’s many offshoots of Funko Pops. They are typically more expensive and rare because of their extra parts and limited production cycles. 

Special Editions

There is only one announced My Hero Academia Pop that belongs to Funko Pop Towns.

04 U.A. High School w/ Izuku Midoriya 

Unlike many Funko Pop Towns in the Funko collection, this one is included with an exclusive Pop figure you can’t buy elsewhere. You also receive a small replica of the U.A. High School, but while Izuku is standing next to the structure, he looks like a giant! 04 U.A. High School w/ Izuku Midoriya is hard to find and expensive and may cost you $80-$100 if you locate one.

Wave 6 (January 14, 2022)

Since there is little data surrounding the new sets, scheduled to be released at the beginning of 2022, I won’t go in-depth here. However, it seems that most of the characters shown in Wave 6 are from Season 4. Below are the Pops that are likely to come in Wave 6.


There will be a total of 7 common edition Pops currently available for Wave 6.

  • 1004 Mirio Togata in Hero Costume (Soon to be released)
  • 1005 Tamaki Amajiki in Hero Costume (Soon to be released)
  • 1006 Sir Nighteye (Soon to be released)
  • 1007 Ryuko in Hero Costume (Soon to be released)
  • 1008 Infinite Deku with Eri (Soon to be released)
  • 1009 Eijiro Unbreakable (Soon to be released)
  • 1011 Eri (Soon to be released)

Special Editions

There will be a total of 7 special edition Pops currently available for Wave 6.

  • 1008 Infinite Deku with Eri GITD – FunkoShop (Soon to be released)
  • 1009 Eijiro Unbreakable Metallic – GameStop (Soon to be released)
  • 1010 Infinite Deku 10″ Super-Sized (Soon to be released)
  • 1012 Overhaul – Chalice (Soon to be released)
  • 1011 Eri in School Uniform – Hot Topic (Soon to be released)
  • 1014 Aizawa Sleeping Bag – FYE (Soon to be released) 
  • 1029 Himiko (Unmasked) – GameStop (Soon to be released)

As another set is being released during the pandemic, it’s unlikely we’ll see con exclusives. However, if things change, we may see an increase in special edition Pops in Wave 6. 

Announced but Possibly Canceled

Despite the fact that My Hero Academia has had many long years in production, there hasn’t been a lot of unannounced concept Pops as of writing this. However, the list could grow soon.

Special Editions

There is only one announced My Hero Academia Pop that is currently (likely) canceled.

374 Tsuyu Clear – Hot Topic 

Initially scheduled to release with the 785 Endeavor GITD Amazon exclusive and the 790 Mina Ashido Metallic GameStop exclusive, the 374 Tsuyu Clear Hot Top exclusive Pop seems to be MIA. There’s some speculation that they canceled this Pop in the West because her appearance is a major story spoiler related to her quirk, which wasn’t revealed in the Anime yet.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the rarest Funko Pop figure?

Answer: Although 250 Tenya is one of the rarest My Hero Academia Pops he doesn’t even come close to making the top of the list. The rarest Pop currently available for purchase is the 04 Clockwork Orange Pop GITD, which has been bought at auction for over $13,000.

Question: Should you open Funko Pops?

Answer: Unless you plan to resell your Pops, you don’t need to keep them in the box. Some Pops do appreciate in value, but most of them won’t. In the end, it may be better to place a plastic case over your Pops if you plan to sell, so you can preserve the box longer.

Question: Are Funko Pops worth collecting?

Answer: Similar to any item you would collect, it’s difficult to know if it’ll be worth it in the long run. If one day everyone decided they didn’t want to collect Funko Pops anymore, they’d become worthless. In the end, a collection is only as valued as what collectors value it as.

Final Thoughts

The incredibly popular anime series, My Hero Academia, currently has over 80 Pops for fans of the show to collect. If you want a Pop that offers the best value for money, stick to exclusive Pops that sell for a low cost. For example, high-priced Pops, like Ochako (Masked), are already too rare and way out of most collectors’ price range to see a substantial profit.

A word of advice: if you’re more interested in owning Pops to complete your collection, you’ll have more luck getting rare items for cheap at an auction house. Oftentimes, many patrons won’t know what the item is worth, or the people making offers won’t go over a specific price limit. As long as you buy for less than what eBay is selling, you’ll win the day.

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