Picking the next manga to read is a challenge, especially after reading so many. I understand the work it takes to find a worthwhile series to invest time into, so I created this guide of my best manga of all time!

This is a personal list and not meant to be an end-all-be-all opinion on the best manga in existence. There are definitely more that are worth that title, but they did not make it on my list.

These 17 different series vary in their art style and length, but I did try to spread out the genres in hopes that everyone can find at least one manga that interests them. I hope that you will be able to find your next favorite manga from my list! Happy reading!

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama

attack on titan

Genre: Action, post-apocalyptic, dark, and gritty


Eren Yeager finds his world thrown into chaos when the protective walls of his city are breached by the human eating titans! Join him and his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert as they struggle to fight against the titans and find meaning in their cruel world.

The more they uncover, the deeper the rabbit-hole goes. Their dedication, determination, and morality will be tested as they navigate the deadly challenges that face them. Can they survive the cruel titan-eat human world? Will they be able to discover the truth before it is too late for humanity?


  • Extreme scenes of gore
  • Enticing mysterious
  • Compelling art style
  • Dynamic storytelling
  • Wide variety in the cast of characters
  • Blends political intrigue with action
  • Intense action scenes

Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Illustrated by Takeshi Obata

death note

Genre: Psychological thriller, supernatural, mystery


Light Yagami finds an odd notebook on the ground called the Death Note that claims if you know a person’s face and write their name in the book, they will die.

Unsure of its power, Light begins to dabble and writes down a name, only to discover the Death Note delivers on its claims. Filled with righteous vigor he concocts a plan to utilize the Death Note to make the world a better place by killing criminals.

Suspicions arise and he has to pit his intelligence against that of the mysterious figure L, who is trying to stop the killings with the help of the police. Will Light succeed in his mission?


  • Distinctive art style
  • Compelling narrative
  • Fascinating story
  • Deals with morality in a non-cliché way
  • Follows an antagonist
  • Suspenseful at every turn

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba by Koyoharu Gotoge

demon slayer

Genre: Action, adventure, dark fantasy


Tanjiro Kamado is the sole provider for his large family. Every day he needs to sell charcoal to make sure they have enough to eat. One fateful day he stays in the local village overnight rather than returning home. When he returns home the next day, he finds his family slaughtered.

From under their bodies, he sees that his sister Nezuko is still alive, but something isn’t right. She starts turning into a demon and attacks him! A demon slayer intervenes and sets Tanjiro on his path to become a demon slayer himself while he searches for a way to save his sister. What will Tanjiro discover about his father? Will he be able to avenge his family?


  • Lovely art style
  • Epic battle sequences
  • Endearing characters
  • An unlikely group of friends
  • Quirky characters
  • Interesting villains

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

fruits basket

Genre: romance, slice of life.


Happy-go-lucky high schooler Tohru Honda just lost her mom to a car accident and finds herself homeless. Not wanting to bother anyone, she decides to camp in the forest and lives in a tent for the foreseeable future.

Despite her best efforts, a classmate, Yuki Soma finds her tent and informs her she is camping on his family’s land. Rather than casting her out, he invites her to stay with him and his family at the Soma House, which is led by the quirky Shigure Soma.

After moving in she discovers the Somas have a family secret curse—when they are tired or hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into a zodiac animal! Quickly she finds herself intertwined with this supernatural, extended family. Can she help them with their curse?


  • A fun twist on the zodiac mythology
  • Adorable romance
  • Many lovable characters
  • Sweet, endearing art style
  • Rich character relationships
  • Lots of character growth
  • Balances ups and downs

Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

fundamental alchemist

Genre: Steampunk, fantasy, adventure


Jump into a world powered by alchemy where the forces of nature are utilized by the elite. Meet siblings Edward and Alphonse Elric, who have lost parts of themselves in a failed alchemical attempt to revive their dead mother.

Grappling with their loss, they set out on their journey to find the philosopher’s stone in hopes of restoring their bodies to what they once were.

Along the way, Edward joins the State Alchemists and trains his alchemical abilities. They encounter the mysterious seven deadly sins and begin to unravel an insidious plot. Will they be able to restore themselves? Can they stop the sins?


  • Engaging, thought-out world
  • Interesting villains
  • Dynamic characters
  • Thoughtful character growth
  • Rich world-building
  • Unique concepts
  • Quirky humor

Gangsta by Kosuke


Genre: Thriller, gritty crime drama, action/adventure


In the crime-ridden city Ergastulum, the mob runs wild and the streets flow with drugs and prostitutes. Even with a city full of violence, there are some jobs that no one wants.

Enter handymen Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown. This unlikely pair specializes in handling situations that no one else will touch. After a fateful encounter with Alex Benedetto, a former prostitute, they find themselves wrapped up in a plot that is consuming the city.

Mysterious figures and unsolvable crimes start becoming the norm. Will they be able to unravel the sinister plot before it is too late?


  • Extremely unique art style
  • Layered storytelling
  • Thoughtful world building
  • Dynamic characters
  • In-depth character backstories
  • Epic fight scenes

Hellsing by Kouta Hirano


Genre: Horror, dark fantasy, action


In an alternate world where vampires, ghouls, and other creatures of the night thrive, world powers face off for power. Alucard, a powerful vampire, works for Sir Integra Hellsing. Integra heads a protestant organization set on eliminating undead that seeks to destroy England.

Things escalate as Integra is pit against a formidable opponent coming from Germany—the Millennium group. Supernatural creatures battle it out in a parallel World War II, where the Millennium tries to kill Alucard once and for all. Does Integra Hellsing have what it takes to stop this maniacal organization?


  • Gorey fight scenes
  • Distinctive art style
  • Takes inspiration from history (WWII)
  • Mixes fantasy and reality nicely
  • Interesting take on vampires and other supernatural creatures
  • Balances politics and scheming well

Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi


Genre: Fantasy, romance, adventure


Kagome Higurashi was a normal high school girl until she falls into the magical well in her family’s shrine. Upon waking up, she realizes she has time-traveled to the Sengoku period. Exiting the well, she explores this older version of Japan to find it is rife with demons.

After a series of encounters, she ends up discovering that she is the reincarnated form of a priestess named Kikyo and that something called the Shikon Jewel was inside her.

Unfortunately, the Shikon Jewel was released into the world and shattered, and with a rag-tag group of friends, she must find all the pieces before demons get a hold of them. Will they be able to rebuild the Shikon Jewel?


  • Classic manga
  • Fun art style
  • Epic battles
  • Interesting time travel concept
  • Romances elements
  • Quirky cast of characters
  • Isekai

My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi

my hero academia

Genre: Fantasy, adventure, superhero


Join Izuku Midoriya as he follows his dream to become the number one hero! Born quirkless (without a superpower) in a quirk saturated society, he fights against his fate! Determined to reach the top of superhero society, Izuku has a fateful encounter with his idol, the number one hero All Might.

Proving himself worthy, All Might passes on his quirk to Izuku so he can fulfill his dream of being the next best hero! Along the way, he makes valuable friends, learns of dangerous enemies, and pushes himself even further beyond! Will he be able to reach his goal?


  • Interesting art style
  • Epic fight scenes
  • Unique characters
  • Dynamic character relationships
  • Rich world-building
  • Unexpected superpowers

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

one piece

Genre: Adventure, fantasy, exploration


Set sail to become the king of the pirates with young Monkey D. Luffy! He has a dream to find the mythic treasure One Piece left by the infamous pirate Gol D. Roger to claim the rightful title of pirate king. Along the way, he meets an eclectic group that he convinces to join his crew of Straw Hat Pirates.

As he dives into his journey, he and his crew will uncover their own potential, push each other towards their own goals, and chase their collective dreams. Will Luffy become king of the pirates? Does his crew have what it takes to take on the Grand Line?


  • Iconic series
  • Still ongoing with over 1000 chapters
  • Set in a world of pirates and riches
  • Unexpected powers and abilities
  • Goofy rag-tag team
  • Unique art style
  • Fun, silly tone

One Punch Man by ONE

one punch man

Genre: Superhero, fantasy, comedy


In a world filled with monsters and villains, superheroes must unite to protect humanity. Enter Saitama, who after being attacked by a villain, trained himself to perfection.

Now he can defeat every single enemy with a single punch. With this unmatched power, he soon becomes bored and wants to find an enemy worthy of his power.

Until then, he just wants to enjoy sale day at the grocery store. Join him as he meets eccentric villains, horrible monsters, and quirky heroes in this unusual society. Superhero tropes are flipped on their head and every punch comes with a punchline. Will Saitama ever be able to find a worthy adversary? Or will boredom consume him?


  • Great action scenes
  • Hilarious character interactions
  • Original art is fun and iconic
  • Goofy situations
  • Good balance of humorous and serious tones
  • Fun take on superheroes
  • Great fight scenes
  • Turns superhero tropes on their head

Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori

ouran high school host club

Genre: Romantic comedy, reverse harem


Haruhi Fujioka is an underprivileged student who receives a scholarship to attend the prestigious Ouran Academy. Ouran Academy is an exemplary example of an extremely wealthy school as it caters to the well-off children in Tokyo.

Attempting to find a quiet place to study, she finds herself in the empty Third Music Room. Haruhi soon discovers that this room is the center of activity for the Ouran Academy Host Club, which is a club where a group of popular male students entertains female students with sweets, tea, and entertainment.

During their rambunctious encounter, she accidentally breaks a vase valued at $80,000 and is forcefully recruited to the host club to pay off her debt. Does she have what it takes to be a host? Will she ever pay off the vase?


  • A wide variety of character personalities
  • Fun, romantic encounters
  • Cute relationship building
  • Sweet storytelling
  • Comedic interactions
  • Adorable art style

Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki


Genre: Horror, sci-fi, body horror


High school student Shinichi Izumi wakes up to discover his right hand has been taken over by a strange alien. The alien, dubbed Migi, explains that they failed to infect Shinichi’s brain and now they must cohabitate.

Dealing with his new appendage, Shinichi must navigate the difficulties of trying to live a normal life, while attempting to save the world from the aliens that succeeded in infecting other human hosts.

Does the unlikely duo have what it takes to defeat the more complete, and powerful alien infected hosts? Can they work together to survive?


  • Interesting concept
  • Great balance of sci-fi and modern
  • Intense fight scenes
  • Amazing art that depicts grotesquely twisted bodies
  • Explores philosophical questions in an interesting way
  • Balances heavy philosophical questions with quirky comedy

The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai

the promised neverland

Genre: Thriller, suspense, science fiction, dark fantasy


Life at Grace Field House is like a dream for Emma and her siblings. Every day they wake up, they get to eat good food and play games with each other.

They all dream of getting adopted by the right family and exploring what the outside world has to offer. One fateful night when their little sibling Conny is set to be adopted, Emma and her brother Norman discover the terrible truth of Grace Field House.

The place they call home is a meat production plant disguised as an orphanage, and they are the meat! Will they be able to outsmart their “mom” and escape becoming dinner?


  • Excellent creature design
  • Implements mind games extremely well
  • Intense action scenes
  • Portrays children in a believable way
  • Rich world-building
  • Engaging storytelling
  • Beautiful art style

Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura

saiyuki anime

Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy


An unlikely group of four young men set out to stop the resurrection of the demon king Gyumaoh. Each of the men is based on characters from the Journey to the West: Son Goku is the monkey king, Sha Gojyo is the half-demon, Genjyo Sanzo is the monk, and Cho Hakkai is the demon man.

They learn to rely on each other despite their constant bickering, and battle against hordes of demons as they make their way west. Can they overcome their traumas and work together to stop the resurrection? Will they arrive in time to stop the resurrection?


  • Dynamic art style
  • Interesting spin on the Journey to the West story
  • Blend of modern technology and old-fashioned setting
  • Thoughtful storytelling
  • Developed characters
  • Rich world-building
  • Fully realized character arcs

Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida

tokyo ghoul

Genre: Horror, thriller, dark fantasy


Follow Ken Kaneki on his first date as it turns from a coming-of-age moment into a hellish nightmare. His date turns out to be something called a ghoul and attacks him.

A ghoul is a creature that disguises itself as a human to live among them. Ghouls need to feed on human flesh to survive, so they blend in to lure their prey. Miraculously, Ken Kaneki survives the attack, but his nightmare escalates into an unending hellscape as he learns some of the ghoul’s organs were transferred to him to save his life.

Now half-ghoul, he must balance a horrifying hunger for flesh while trying to keep his humanity. Will he be able to master the balance?


  • Fascinating concept
  • Intense character encounters
  • A dark, gritty world
  • Extremely interesting world-building
  • Dynamic characters

Uzumaki by Junji Ito


Genre: Horror, mystery, suspense


Follow Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito as they struggle against the mysterious spiral curse. The two young high-school students notice that their small hometown Kurouzu-cho is suddenly wrapped in an unending curse of spirals.

Strange events start to unfold, but things quickly escalate as the curse claims victims from the town. Reality twists and warps with the curse, each situation that arises becoming more and more detached from the reality they once knew.

People become grotesque monsters, hair turns murderous, and the dead walk again! Will they be able to lift the curse? Or will they be sucked into the spiral forever?


  • Disturbing art style
  • Extremely detailed art style
  • Compelling horror
  • Unexpected horror elements
  • Interesting storytelling
  • A short, stand-alone story


Question: What is the best-drawn manga?

Answer: From the series on my list, I adore the Uzumaki art style It is the most detailed among my selections and the most grotesque.

Question: What is the most popular manga of 2020?

Answer: That would be Demon Slayer! Its sudden rise of meteoric popularity is still ongoing.

Question: Is Death Note manga?

Answer: Yes! It is a manga and an anime and a live-action movie or two.

Question: What is the #1 anime in the world?

Answer: Demon Slayer keeps delivering to the fans. Its manga adaptation is amazing and does not disappoint.

Question: Which anime has the best fights?

Answer: Out of the manga on my list that has anime adaptations, I personally feel that My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer excel in their detailed fight scenes.

Conclusion: Which Manga to Read Next?

Thank you so much for reading my personal best manga of all time list! I hope you found a series that becomes your favorite.

I read most of my manga with the Shonen Jump app. This is a great, cheap way to explore a huge library of manga without buying a ton of volumes.

Have you read any of these series? Let us know your favorite in the comments down below!