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One of my favorite things to do in my leisure time is type fictional characters. When I say “type,” I mean guess the Myers-Briggs 16 Personalities Type of the character in question. It’s nearly impossible for me to watch a show without trying to type every single character that appears on the screen. Due to solid character development and personal emotional attachment, anime is one of the most accessible genres for me to use. 

I’ve been obsessed with MBTI for over a decade now, and my interest has never waned. So, why not take that hobby of mine and share it with the world? Starting with one of the most beloved types of all, let’s give it up for the INFP. 

Character  Anime
Hinata Hyūga Naruto
Gaara Naruto
Gohan Dragon Ball Z
Takanashi Rikka Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions
Mitsuri Kanroji Demon Slayer
Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul
Sawada Tsunayoshi Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Mitsuha Miyamizu Your Name
Eri My Hero Academia
Yamaguchi Tadashi Haikyū!!
Yugi Mutou Yu-Gi-Oh!
Alphonse Eric Fullmetal Alchemist
Chihiro Ogino Spirited Away
Juvia Lockser Fairy Tail
Yuri Katsuki  Yuri!!! On Ice
Rem Death Note

What Is an INFP Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

  • Letter Breakdown – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting
  • Titles – Idealist, Mediator
  • Strengths -creative, loyal, sensitive, caring, generous, harmonious
  • Weaknesses – self-isolating, overly sensitive, impractical, indecisive

The INFP personality type is one of my favorites. They often give off a sweet and compassionate vibe. The stereotypical INFP is a flower child with nothing but peace and love on their mind. “Why can’t we all just get along?” should be their motto.

When it comes to any of the 16 Personalities, I tend to see each trait as a coin. Any strength or weakness can be reversed and turned into either a negative or a positive. For example, the loyalty of an INFP can turn into submission and exploitation. Then a negative trait like indecisiveness can prevent rash decisions and help INFPs keep their options open. 

I won’t delve too deep into INFP traits and what each letter means, as I know you’re here to find out if your favorite anime character is an INFP. 

The Best INFP Anime Characters

Keep in mind that this is just my observation. Some of these characters may not be INFP, and there may be crucial INFP anime characters that I don’t list. I’ve typed many anime characters over the years, and I often ask for the opinions of others online or from my MBTI friends. These are the characters that we can all agree are INFP. 

Note: I try to avoid spoilers in lists like this, and I apologize if one slips through. 

Hinata Hyūga (Naruto)

Image from Fandom

Let me start with a character that is difficult to argue with as far as type is concerned. Hinata’s most recognizable trait is her overall shy demeanor, followed by her loyalty. She’s as far from an extrovert as they come, and her Introverted Feeling lets us know that she’s an FP type rather than an FJ. Hinata is sweet and cautious but also not afraid to give up everything for the people she cares about. She has a Ne curiosity and is highly idealistic. Many people argue that Hinata is an ISFJ, but in Naruto, not Boruto, I can’t see her as anything except an INFP. She may have transitioned into an ISFJ when she became a mother, but I haven’t watched enough Boruto to find out for sure. 

Gaara (Naruto)

Image from Fandom

Gaara is everything I love about INFPs. He is pure and calm. Gaara had a tragic past, and we can’t judge him based on his first appearance. However, his disturbances reinforce the likelihood that he is an INFP. He withdrew from his feelings (an HSP trait), overwhelmed by the betrayal and hate in his past. He was made into a weapon, and he followed that path without a second thought. However, I take most of my inspiration from Gaara as the Kazekage. In my opinion, he is the best kage in the entire anime. 

Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)

Image from Fandom

Let’s face it. Goku is disappointed by the fact that his son is an INFP. Out of all of the personality types, INFPs may make the worst fighters, unless something that they care about is on the line. He does not care about the challenge of fighting but will do anything to protect what is essential. Also, can we all agree that Great Saiyaman was Gohan’s Ne-dominance making a fool out of itself in the best way possible? 

Takanashi Rikka (Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions)

Image from Fandom

A personal favorite anime character of mine is Rikka from Chūnibyō. Not only does she create a persona like Gohan, but she lives as that persona 90% of the time. She creates an entire story, and world, an extremely Ne thing to do. She is an introverted eighth-grader who has strong inner values. While other characters may be borderline, Rikka cannot be anything except INFP. 

Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

Image from Fandom

I tried hard to think of an INFP from Demon Slayer. I fell in love with this anime just like everyone else. I peg Mitsuri as an INFP, and it’s not just her joyful, loving, and all-around emotional demeanor. Although she would never hurt someone she deemed innocent, she lets her values show in how she views demons. Not to mention, is it just me, or is the “dream wedding” cliche a rather INFP trait? She has always fantasized about romance. 

Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Image from Fandom

It’s nice to see an anime put an INFP as the main protagonist. In the very beginning of Tokyo Ghoul, we see the stereotypical INFP emo-tragic viewpoint. Kaneki, like many other INFP anime characters, lives in his own world. He often shows INFJ traits, but I tend to lean towards INFP. Both of these types would put themselves into the position that Kaneki did. In my opinion, he puts more stock into his ideals than what others think of them, which is a Perceiving thing to do instead of Judging. However, I can see both sides of this, and I haven’t read the manga, so this may be a character difference between anime and manga. 

Sawada Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Image from Fandom

Reborn is one of my favorite anime of all time. Tsuna is a great protagonist who was seen as a loser in middle school. This is something that any personality type can relate to, but I feel that INFPs often see themselves as this regardless of outside influences. He cares deeply about the Mafia, even though he strongly disagrees with the violent tendencies of those around him. Again, the INFX is relatively obvious from where I am standing, but that INFJ does tend to be a common thought. However, I believe that Tsuna chooses his values over the group’s values. This isn’t a good or bad thing; this is simply a Perceiving trait.

Mitsuha Miyamizu (Your Name)

Image from Fandom

Mitsuha Miyamizu is more difficult to type than other INFPs. Although she is a strong introvert and an even stronger Feeling type, the other letters rely on the functions of her kind. What gets me for the N over S is that she doesn’t enjoy keeping the tradition, but her loyalty to her family is still important. As for the F vs. J, many people type her as a Judging type because she likes to stay organized. However, this is a little too stereotypical. In fact, her need for variety and a change in pace leans her towards a Perceiving type. Also, I’m not so sure that a J type could take the ridicule that she does without giving back a line or two of the injustice. 

Eri (My Hero Academia)

Image from Fandom

Eri is a gem, like most INFPs. She should have been treasured and wasn’t until she met Izuka Midoriya. The fact that her feelings run so deep yet she has a hard time showing them lets me know she is a Fi type. This is shown in her reaction to Izuka and her response to the fact that there are people who want her dead. I believe that the argument that she is a Se rather than a Ne can be shut down because she is good at expressing herself via writing rather than speaking. However, this could be her introverted nature. Still, when you watch her in action, it’s hard not to type her as an INFP simply on stereotype. 

This may sound silly, but this is the vibe I get from INFP vs. ISFJ – I want to take care of an INFP, and I want the ISFJ to take care of me. 

Yamaguchi Tadashi (Haikyū!!)

Image from Fandom

I’m not generally into sports anime, but Haikyū!! is like The Sandlot of anime. I peg Yamaguchi as an INFP, initially because of his shyness (early on) becoming his personality, and not just a trait. His Fe/Si does appear in his generally anxious demeanor, living in his head. His lack of aggressiveness or sticktoitiveness does let us see his Te/Fi function. Since he isn’t one of the “main” characters, it’s more challenging to type him since his personality isn’t inserted firmly into each episode.

Yugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Image from Fandom

What is interesting to me here is that Yugi is so different from Yami Yugi. In fact, they are near opposites. If I had to guess, I’d say that Yami Yugi is an ENTJ. But Yugi Mutou is likely an INFP. What is strange is that he isn’t the typical INFP because he doesn’t follow the stereotype. Instead, he’s what an INFP should look like. Yugi is a normal kid who doesn’t get caught up in his personality type defining everything he does. This is an excellent example of making decisions using your strengths rather than your weaknesses. 

Alphonse Eric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Image from Fandom

I haven’t watched near as much Fullmetal Alchemist as I would like to watch. But I have watched enough to recognize Alphonse as an INFP. He is a true introvert and not just shy, he is quite an idealist, he is definitely a Feeling type, and he lives each day for the present rather than the future. He is led by his strong morals and believes everyone deserves a second chance. 

Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away)

Image from Fandom

There’s a debate about whether Studio Ghibli movies are anime or not. However, today I will say that they are because I want to mention Chihiro from Spirited Away. I believe that her personality at the beginning of the movie is more of a typical INFP. Then, she grows into what an INFP should be. Her fears remain, but she knows how to overcome them without giving up on her compassion. She goes through the entire move on intuition, which is why I agree that she’s an INFP rather than an ISFP, which she is often called. 

Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Image from Fandom

Because of Juvia’s initial persona, it isn’t easy to see her as the emotional INFP. Her Introverted-heavy personality is clear, but the rest is slow to realize. She is not a typical INFP, in my opinion, as she is quick to anger, but her obsession with Gray and her ability to create stories from thin air show strong Ne and Fi vibes. Feel free to disagree with this typing, but I can’t unsee the INFP version.

Yuri Katsuki (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Image from Fandom

Another INFP protagonist that had to make the list is Yuri (Mr. Glass Heart aka INFP). His thoroughly romanticized world shows his Ne dominance, which is why he can perform despite his introverted personality. His relationship with Victor is how he can lose himself in his skating. When INFPs have a close friend with them, they can let go of their insecurities and immerse themselves in the world of performing. 

Rem (Death Note)

Image from Fandom

Death Note isn’t precisely an INFP-heavy anime. After all, Light Yagami is everything that INFPs generally despise. However, I made it a point to find an INFP in Death Note. I chose Rem. She is highly devoted to Misa, willing to sacrifice herself for Misa. She is Fi-heavy though she prefers her world to the human world. Rem is far from the typical Shinigami, with her loyalty being her one actual downfall. Now, if you’ll notice in popular movies and other tv series, you may see that the only INFP villains are doing what they do out of loyalty.  


Question: Do INFPs Like Anime?

Answer: Some do, some don’t. While the typical anime-lovers are INTPs, any type can enjoy anime. It is the type of anime that matters most. INFPs tend to enjoy cheerful, romantic anime with a good story rather than just fight scene anime. 

Question: Is Anyone From One Piece An INFP?

Answer: I’ve only seen a handful of characters in One Piece that are INFPs, such as Corazon and Komurasaki. I would consider it one of the rarest personality types in the anime, with Extroverted types being much more common. 

Question: What Anime Has The Most INFPs?

Answer: From what I have seen, when I take a look at the long-running anime, Naruto takes the cake. From there, we have Hinata, Gaara, Nagato, Matsuri, and many more minor characters. When I look at anime like Bleach and Gintama, the number of INFP characters has dwindled. 

INFP Anime Characters Conclusion

There are characters I am told are INFP, such as Josuke Higashikata from Part 8 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, for these characters, I did not type them as I haven’t watched the anime they are in and don’t feel that I can give an accurate guess. Feel free to type them independently and share your guesses with friends or an online MBTI community. INFP characters in anime are the same as INFP characters in any other fictional world. However, they are different than INFPs in real life. INFPs in real life are far more complex. But that doesn’t mean we can’t strongly relate to the characters who share our type; I know I do!