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My Hero Academia is one of the most popular ongoing anime/manga of all time, and with each passing season it only seems that the show will continue to grow in popularity, the typical shonen story of an anime teenager who struggles through life, facing challenges to achieve his one true goal, be it becoming a Hokage, the strongest Saiyan, finding One Piece of even becoming the strongest hero of all, there is something about this overly used plot that just drives people crazy and attracts many new fans.

The show is greatly known for its amazing action-packed fights, incredible animation, and strong plot which is enough to grab anyone’s attention. The show also has some of the most memorable and relatable cast members from hilarious to deadly serious, with a variety of different characters with their unique personalities and quirks you are sure to find at least one character who will make you fall in love with them.

In this world of superpowers where our heroes fight against villains, we are introduced to some of the most amazing villains with unique plotlines and tragic background stories where you can’t help but feel sorry for them, “As kids we love heroes, as adults we understand villains”, and among one of these villains is our favorite psycho girl Himiko Toga who is just as crazy as the rest of the league members but the anime community has a sweet spot for her, No hating the best girl.

Every cosplayer who cosplays as Toga brings such happiness in the MHA community, the cosplayers have really managed to capture the true essence of her psychotic nature and her obsession with blood.

Who is Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga is a member of LOV (the League Of Villains) their goal is to crush the superhero society and rebuild the world where humans will be free to use their superpowers, Toga is in the close group of Tomura Shigaraki, along with Twice, Dabi, Spinner, and Mr. Compressor.

Her proper appearance and quirk were shown during their Forest Training Camp Arc, the league of villains attacked the UA students during their group training, Toga jumps Midoriya and Uraraka who were teamed up for the training exercise, she seemed quite happy and relentless with her attacks it was as though she was happy to see them, which was quite scary.

Ever since then we can see Toga always being around the league of villains within their little circle, she is friendly with almost everyone in the group but most of all with Twice, she always takes care of him and treats him with special care.


Toga has an obsessive nature with a pinch of psycho mixed in there somewhere, she enjoys killing people more than anything, showing sadistic tendencies but she doesn’t just enjoy killing people in who she takes an interest, her way of loving someone is quite different from any normal person. When you like someone you want to keep them close and express your love in many different ways but Toga, she wants to taste the blood of the person she likes, which might seem a bit on the crazy side.

She has a very twisted perception of love and friendship which was first shown during the Training camp arc when she attacked Uraraka and Asui, despite wanting to kill them was trying to befriend them If you look at it from a psychological perspective, all she ever wants is for people to accept her for who she is, and just like the rest of the League, she finds the current world very unsettling and wants to change it where she can live however she wants.


Before the fourth season, we didn’t have any clue about the past of any of the league of villain members, during their fight against the Japanese Liberation Front, a popular news reporter reveals the story of Himiko Toga of how an innocent little girl murdered her classmate, spilling his blood everywhere in the hallway, ever since she was a child she had an obsession with blood she found it beautiful and fascinating but society deemed her somewhat crazy.

Even her parents when they first discovered her obsession with blood thought she was an evil child but how can a child be evil? She tried to keep her obsessions inside for the longest time and when she couldn’t hold it back, she killed the boy who she liked because she wanted to taste his blood.

It can be something to with her quirk because quirks are unique characteristics that belong to a person and can change the way think about certain things, because her quirk required blood to be activated she couldn’t keep her thirst for blood under control.



Himiko Toga is a petite high school teenager with very fair skin and is always blushing, she often describes herself as someone who is very pretty.

She has dirty blonde hair, styled into messy hair buns, she has a hime cut from the front and hair fringes on the side. Her eyes are bright yellow, often seeming verticle slits making her seem like a cat.

Her casual outfit consists of a normal high school uniform, including a shirt, skirt, and sweater, she would wear a red scarf during the winter season.


Toga’s quirk is called Transform, it is a quirk that lets her transform into someone else, however she can only transform into the people whose blood she has ingested into her body. The more blood she drinks, the longer she can sustain the form. If she drinks one whole cup of someone’s blood, she can stay in that for about 18 hours, she also has the power to switch between multiple forms if she has drunk blood of more than one person.

During their fight against the Japanese Liberation Front, Toga’s abilities were enhanced which allowed her to use the quirk of someone she has transformed into, we see her using Uraraka’s gravity quirk and making everyone float in the air, she later releases her quirk and sees the blood bath from her enemies.


“I’m Toga! Himiko Toga! Life is too hard! I wanna make a world that’s easier to live in! I wanna be Mr. Stainy! I wanna kill Mr. Stainy! So lemme join you, Tomura!”

“I just wanna love, live and die my way. My normal way. I wanna be even more like the people I love.”

“Of course you wanna be like the one you love. It’s natural. So you end up decking yourself out to look like him. But after enough time, even that’s not enough. You literally want to become him. There’s no helping it. So what’s your type? I love tattered guys reeking of blood. That’s why I always carve people up in the end.”

Why Can Cosplaying As Himiko Toga Can Be A Great Idea?

The League of Villain has become of the most popular anime villain group on the internet, and with the latest season dropping some backstories regarding our favorite villains, fans can’t help but sympathize with these tragic souls who had no other way to go, the society rejected them, casting them aside. They were saved by people just like them, people who were social outcasts or rejects of society.

Even though there are so many people cosplaying as characters from MHA, including heroes and villains. The League of Villains cosplays are still considered one of the rarest ones, you don’t get to see them that often but the cosplayers who do these cosplayers are always appreciated for their amazing effort to bring these characters alive, especially for Toga, fans love to see her cosplays.

Something really amazing about cosplaying as Himiko Toga is that you can easily create her entire costume at home, it’s a basic Japanese high school costume. Something else that’s exciting is that you get to hold a knife and show your crazy side (we all have one).

So if you’re planning to cosplay as one of the members of the League of Villain, I would recommend that you choose Toga if you’re a girl and it will definitely be worth it.

Complete Himiko Toga Cosplay Guide

If you’re a true MHA fan you must’ve thought about cosplaying as one of the characters, and who is better than our crazy psycho Himiko Toga.

Toga is a very interesting character with such an amazing character personality, she has so many unique traits that make her the best females antagonist in the show.

If you want to dress up as Himiko Toga, I would recommend that you buy each and everything in order to complete your costume. Her costume normal high school costume is quite easy to recreate if you have all the necessary things ready.

Sometimes the DIY costumes turn to be better than the premade ones because you and put some of your twists into them, what we need is to keep all her important features so we don’t street away from the original character design.

Below, I will list all the necessary things you will need for Himiko Toga’s costume, What You’ll Need

Japanese Uniform/Seifuku


You will need a Japanese dark blue short-sleeve shirt with a white stripped Kansas collar, otherwise known as Seifuku which is a normal Japanese high school clothing, this will be used as the base for the costume along with a dark blue thigh-high short skirt.

You can easily create this yourself all you need is a basic dark blue costume for the bottom half and for the upper garment, you can use a simple short-sleeve blue shirt and cut back the collars.

Availability: the high school uniform is easily available all over the internet, from any popular cosplay shop or the common, Amazon.

Red Scarf

The dark blue shirt is tied with a sharp red scarf that is tucked under the collar and hangs loosely below.

Availability: If you purchase a pre-made costume, the scarf will come included but if u want, you can purchase a simple red scarf from the internet and wrap it around your neck.

Alternative: go in your closet and find any piece of red cloth, cut it in a square, then fold it sideways and you can use it just as well as a proper scarf, just tie it around your neck.

Socks and Shoes

Next, you’ll need a pair of black knee-high socks and a simple pair of black female school shoes, something you might already have somewhere in your closet, keep in mind if you don’t have black open shoes you can go with what you like, just don’t choose Sneakers.

Availability: you can easily purchase black socks and shoes from any local shop in your area, or even online.

Alternative: You can go with open sandals if you want to bring some twists to Toga’s costume.



Toga has dirty blonde hair that she styles into two messy hair buns, with numerous hair strands sticking out of it from all different angles, in other words, it’s really messy and if you’re a newbie and doing your own hair, I’d say you will do better than most people.

She cut her hair on the front which looks quite similar to a hime-cut, she also has two long side bangs that frame her face.

For the hair color, you can try using bleach and then apply the dirty blonde hair dye to match the tone of her hair, and then you can do the hairstyle. Alternatively, you can also purchase a dirty blonde wig if you don’t want to color your hair.

Availability: a simple dirty blonde wig will easily be available on any local wig shop or even from Amazon, you can even purchase Himiko Toga’s exclusive wig if you want to skip over this part.


Toga has bright golden-yellow eyes with thin verticle slits, often giving her a feline appearance, so a pair of golden yellow contacts will really make your cosplay look amazing.

She often seems to squit her eyes in excitement or from embarrassment, her eyes are rarely seen to be completely open, I suppose she is a young teen who likes to stay up late.

Availability: Yellow brittle contacts will easily be available on Amazon, you can go one step further and purchase yellow cat-like slit contacts to take your cosplay to the next level.


Knife: a simple knife is the main weapon of Toga, she can slice you and dice you and then can slice you, even more, she will use whatever she can to get spill your blood and a knife is perfect for that. You can easily find one in your kitchen, or order a new one from a store.

Blood Sucking Machine: her villain costume is equipment with a machine, something that she can use against ranged enemies to drain their blood, the machine has two green-colored tubes with retractable needles that connect with six cylinders for storing the blood, she can throw those needles at a mid-distance enemy and as long as the needle struck the enemy it will start draining their blood.

Capsules: she can use the blood from the blood-sucking machine and store it into a capsule which she can use later.

Poses & Facial Expresssions

There isn’t one specific popular Toga is known for, you can be as creative with it as you want. Something you can do is hold a knife to show her obsession with blood, you can also try smiling very pretty because Toga is always excited no matter how tough the situation is.

Something I would recommend is that you try holding your knife against your neck with a dead smile on your face.


You definitely need to do some makeup if you want to look your absolute best for the photoshoot, Toga has dark circles around her eyes and blushy cheeks.

  • Concealer
  • Make-Up Brushes/Blenders
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Lipstick
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Make-up Sealer

Himiko Toga: Character Trivia

Did you know that the original prototypes sketches of Toga showed that she might be bisexual, meaning that she is attracted to both males and females, and many MHA fans are shipping Toga with Uraraka.

Toga’s favorite fruit is pomegranate which is also my favorite fruit.

Toga’s original character design was a little different from her current down, she had two opposite side pigtails and complete a complete row of sharp teeth.

Himiko Toga is the only female member of the League of Villains and also the youngest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Himiko Toga a yandere?

Answer: Many people in the community consider Himiko Toga to be a yandere and to some extend they are not wrong, she does have many yandere-like tendencies but she doesn’t exactly fit the profile for being a yandere. After all, she genuinely cares about the people is a part of, she isn’t violent towards the rest of the league, she does care for the league members and despite her obsession with blood, she doesn’t harm them or even try to take their blood.

How old is Himiko Toga?

Answer: During her first appearance in the show, Toga was 16 years old and now she is currently 17, exactly the same age as the students of UA.

Who does Himiko Toga has a crush on?

Answer: In many instances of the show, Himiko Toga has shown to be crushing on Izuku quite hard, however, her way of thinking describes that she only takes the blood of someone who she really likes, she is seen to keep a blood vial of Uraraka in order to use it against Izuku.
Now many fans in the MHA community have seen this as a sign of love from Toga towards Uraraka, now there are basically two groups who believe one or the other and there is no right answer until we go further in the story.
We know that Toga had a high school crush who look almost like Izuku so that must be it.

Why did Himiko Toga become a Villain?

Answer: Like many other members of the league of villains, Toga wants to create a world where she can live in peace and isn’t look down on by society. She joined the league of villains to form a new world where people with meta abilities will be allowed to live freely without having to compress their innermost desires.

Final Conclusion to Himiko Toga’s Cosplay

There are many little things to consider when cosplaying as Toga, minor improvements that will make your cosplay look extremely amazing.

Toga loves to act like an obsessive freak about blood and but she’s really nice once you get to know her, so try to act a little shy at first, get down her mannerisms, look a little happy maybe pass a smile.

For the pose, the simple trick would be to use a knife in any way or form, you can try an act like a shy girl which would definitely work with Toga.

But more important, Toga is very easy to get along so if someone approaches you, don’t scare them off just smile and try to talk with them.