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Everyone is on the hype for finally watching the resolution of Attack On Titan. The final part of the last season will be released in January 2022, and I, for one, cannot wait to see it. Having read the manga already, there are no surprises left for me. However, I still can’t wait to see it animated.

So that means that most of the time when talking about it, I need to be extremely careful not to let any spoiler slip out because many people don’t enjoy getting spoiled.

But, if you’re someone that couldn’t care less about being spoiled, and wants to know them, then you’re in the right place, as in this article, I will be talking about every big spoiler moment in the anime, not only for season 4 but also for past seasons.

Season 1

Attack On Titan

Season 1 of Attack On Titan was simply amazing, and it took the anime world by surprise. It was extremely popular, and it quickly became the most hyped anime of the time. Not only was it visually amazing, but its story and characters were extremely well written, and the world-building is amazing.

In season 1 we get to meet our main cast of characters, and the story revolves around our main protagonist, Eren Yeager. A kid who wanted nothing more than to be free, and explore the world outside of the walls that he lives in. He lives in a world where titans control his world, and they’re a big menace, as they eat humans.

That’s what the walls are for, to keep the titans away. Eren dreams of joining the survey corps, a group of people that ventures outside the walls while they search for a way to eradicate the titans.

However, his life is turned upside down when a colossal titan appears out of nowhere, breaching one of the walls, and an armored titan also breaks another wall, allowing titans inside the city. During this chaos, Eren ends up watching his mother get eaten by a titan.

Witnessing this lights up a fire inside him, as he vows to kill every titan in the world. Years go by, and he ends up training to join the survey corps, and in his first mission, he is eaten by a titan and is presumed dead.

A mysterious Titan appears out of nowhere and starts killing other titans. That was unheard of and took everyone by surprise. This titan was different than the others, as he also fought like he knew some kind of martial arts.

Eventually, that titan ends up defeated, and here comes spoiler number one, that titan is no other than Eren! Somehow he can shift into a titan, and that is the number one mystery of the anime. Later on, another unique titan appears, and it is named the female titan.

This titan is similar to Eren’s titan, as it moves differently, and it shows no interest to feed on humans. However, this female titan seems to have a mission, and that is to capture Eren. And to do that, she kills everyone who tries to stop her, and she eventually ends up fighting against him, and she easily beats him.

About to be captured, he is saved by his childhood friend and super-soldier Mikasa, and another super-human, Levi, who is known as the strongest soldier.

Later on, during a meeting, another of Eren’s childhood friends, Armin, comes up with a theory that the female titan is also a titan shifter like Eren, and she is someone they know. Every evidence points that the female titan is, and here comes spoiler number two, no other than Annie, a friend of theirs.

Eren refuses to believe that one of their friends would do all those awful things, but in the end, knows that it is the truth.

In the end, they end up fighting one more time, and Eren is now able to defeat Annie. And before being able to capture her, he hesitates, and she somehow crystallized herself, and this crystal can’t be broken.

In the last scene, we see that a piece of the wall was broken while Annie attempted to flee, and we catch a glimpse of the face of what seems to be another colossal titan.

Season 2

Attack on Titan

In season two, after finding the existence of others titan shifters, we assume that Eren and Annie might not be the only ones. Also, there seem to be titans inside one of the cities, but the strange thing is that there seems to be no breach in the wall.

After scouting out the entire city, one of the groups who is composed of Historia, Ymir, Reiner, Berthold, Connie, and other survey corps members, finds themselves trapped inside of a tower, as titans are surrounding it.

There is a scene inside this tower, where Ymir and Reiner find canned food, that seems to be written in another language, but somehow Ymir can read what it says.

Reiner also understands what it says, and he questions Ymir about it, but the scene cuts there. However, this scene shows that both Reiner and Ymir are not from Eldia but another place. This also implies that Berthold and Annie must also be from wherever they are.

After some time, the tower is attacked by titans, and if they don’t act fast, the tower is going to fall. Ymir then takes a knife, and jumps into the titans, and reveals that she is also a shifter. But there is one interesting detail in this scene that not everyone notices.

When a titan is close to demolishing the tower, we can see that Bertlhod is in the background, and that is about to bite his hand, just like Eren does, implying that he is also a shifter.

And of course, later on, we find out that both himself and Reiner are shifters too. Berthold is the colossal titan, and Reiner is the armored titan. Reiner tells this to Eren, and it is at such a random moment that Eren doesn’t even believe them.

But it turns out to be true, and the three of them end up fighting. Eren ends up fighting Reiner one on one while the other survey corps members try to fight Berthold. Eren starts losing but later on ends up with the upper hand.

When almost defeating Reiner, Berthold intervenes and ends up eating both Reiner and Eren, and capturing Eren. We then discover that Reiner, Berthold, and Annie are from a place called Marley, and they were sent to Eldia to capture the person who has the power of the founding titan.

Season 2 ends up with Eren finding out that he has this power but still doesn’t know what it is. He uses it to control the titans, and with a scream, commands titans to attack Reiner.

Season 3

Attack on Titan

In season 3, we discover that there are also threats inside the walls. We discover that the king of Eldia had the power to alter people’s memories and that he used it to keep the people of Eldia ignorant of the world that exists outside the walls, and that only the royal family can use that power.

As it is revealed later, Historia is from the royal family, and with her royal blood, she can properly use the founding titan power. To have her use that power, her father, Rod Weiss, uses a special task force to capture Eren and also tries to kill the members of the Survey Corps.

And this group is led by a man known as Kenny The Ripper, who took care of Levi as a child and is also his uncle. With Eren captured, Rod Reiss tells Historia to eat Eren and inherit his titan’s power.

He then tells her that Eren’s father was the one who murdered her whole family, and that is how Eren has the founding titan power. Historia ends up deciding not to do that, and who ends up turning into a titan is Rod Reiss, who is later on by Eren and the Survey Corps.

Later on, they go on a mission to find Reiner and Berthold and capture them. This mission is successful, as they can defeat both of them, and while this was going on, another squad was keeping the beast titan at bay, a furry titan with the ability to speak and control titans.

This squad was led by commander Erwin, a man who dreamed of knowing the truth, as was ready to sacrifice anything to get it. In this attack, he ends up giving his life so that Levi can get close to the beast titan and defeat him.

He is saved by yet another titan, who then proceeds to go try to rescue Berthold and Reiner. However, the best titan and this other titan are only able to save Reiner.

During this mission, both Armin and Erwin are close to death, and Levi has a syringe that can transform them into titans, and if one of them were to eat Berthold, they would become the next colossal titan. In the end, Armin ends up being chosen.

At the end of the season, we get to see Eren’s father, Grisha’s story, how he was a revolutionary from Marley, who got captured and was to be transformed into a titan and sent to Eldia.

Grisha was married to a woman named Dina Fritz, the titan who ate Eren’s mother, and they also had a kid named Zeke, the beast titan, and Eren’s half-brother. We then see Grisha receive the Attack Titan power from a man named Eren Krueger and tasks him with the mission to go to Eldia and seize the founding titan power.

Eren and his friends, later on, go to a ceremony, and Historia is now the rightful queen of Eldia. When Eren comes in contact with her, he uses the founding titan powers and can see his father’s memories and what truly lies beyond the walls.


The Final Season

Attack on Titan Final Season

In season 4, things get a little confusing. We see that Eren infiltrated Marley, and he plans on destroying everything. He intends to use the power of the founding titan to unleash all the titans inside the walls in Eldia, and destroy everything in the world except for Eldians.

To do that, he teams up with his half-brother Zeke, who thinks that Eren plans on using this power to euthanize Eldians, ending this cursed race. Eren ends up becoming the enemy of the world, as both, his friends from Eldia are against this plan, but also some Marleyans, like Reiner and other shifters.

An all-out battle takes place in Eldia, as everyone attempts to stop Eren and Zeke from meeting each other. When close to being able to touch his brother’s hand, and activate the founding titan power, a girl from Marley called Gabi, shoots eren, blows his head off.

And by the way, this Gabi also kills Sasha. However, Zeke can touch Eren’s head and activate the founding titan power. They are now inside a place called the path that connects every titan and is controlled by the founder titan, Ymir.

Eren proceeds to activate the rumbling and starts to destroy everything. Everyone joins to stop him, Marley and Eldia fight together to protect the world. A lot of people died to achieve that, even a beloved character named Hange.

By working together, they can stop Eren, and who deals the killing blow is the girl who loved him, Mikasa. Before dying, Eren took away the titan powers from everyone so that no shifters could ever exist again. He was able to annihilate almost the whole world but was able to finally bring peace to his friends.

Eren was able to see his future when he saw his father’s memories, as such is the power of the attack titan, they can see the future of its predecessor. Eren was fated to live that life, the boy who wanted to be free, was shackled by his fate and only found true freedom in death.


People often struggle to understand exactly is the power of the Attack Titan, and hows that Eren was able to see his own future. So I’ll do my best to explain it in a way that you can understand.

The Attack Titan, unlike every other titan, is not only able to see their predecessor’s memories, but they can also receive memories from future users of this power.

This memory inheritance ability can be strengthened by a person with royal blood, so that is why Eren was able to see Grisha’s past more clearly when he kissed Historia’s hand.

And the reason he was able to see his own memories from the future, is because when he came in contact with Zeke and entered the Paths, he got access to his father’s memories, and was even able to see his own future through Grisha’s memories.

That is the reason that in season 4, Eren doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything that happens, because he already saw them.

Now one of the biggest questions everyone has is, is Eren a bad person? The easy answer is, yes. Even though we watched him grow throughout the series, he still committed mass murder and even ended up killing 85% of the world’s population.

Yes, he did it to protect his friends and everyone he loves, but he was extremely selfish, and choose his friends over everyone else. He ended up turning himself into the enemy of the world so that everyone would work together to stop him.

In the end, he got exactly what he wanted, and was able to save everyone he loves. And for me, that’s what makes Eren such an interesting character, he isn’t perfect, and he isn’t always the good guy.

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