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The world of anime is magical, and no doubt, one such magical anime is KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! Even though the 2nd season of the anime was aired back in 2017, and there is no news for the 3rd season flowing around, fans are still waiting on it.

However, while everyone waits for the 3rd season to drop (hopefully!), we have compiled a list of similar anime for you KonoSuba fans out there. These anime are not exactly like KonoSuba, but they are similar in so many ways that you’ll definitely have the same comfort and enjoyment that you experienced while watching KonoSuba.

This list is not in any order of how good or bad the anime is, and we would recommend you to watch every anime on this list, as we personally believe that they are all top-tier anime. However, we know that sometimes you can only do what the time allows — so in the end, we will also mention our favorite anime out of the list, and the anime most similar to KonoSuba.

Here are the 4 anime we recommend to keep you busy while waiting on KonoSuba:

  • No Game No Life
  • Daily Lives Of High School Boys
  • Sword Art Online
  • Gintama

What is “KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!”?

Anime is our escape from reality, and KonoSuba is an escape from reality in the world of anime itself. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! is exactly as the title suggests: a blessing on this world, because it’s such a fun and exciting piece of work that we firmly maintain that everyone will enjoy watching.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life is a fantasy come true for all the gamers reading this article.

Two siblings create a gaming identity: blank (because they only use spaces for the name), and blank is godly when it comes to gaming. No game or human can defeat them. The protagonists are so dedicated to gaming that they are awake all night, and asleep all day. They can even play the games with both their feet and hand — at the same time!

So, naturally, the god of games gets interested in them and challenges them to a game of chess. After significant effort, they eventually win it. Afterward, they are summoned to Disboard, the world of games, ruled by the god of games. There, everything — whether from a quarrel to the life of a person, or from the national borders to the fate of a whole species (there are 16 of those in this world) — is decided by games. Any type of violence is forbidden in this realm.

After entering this world of games (or dreams) Sora and Shiro finally feel like they’re in the right place. Sora is an 18-year-old boy with exceptional talent at strategies and Shiro is his 11-year-old stepsister, who is a master of calculations and logical thinking. They have no one but one another. As a result, if they are apart from one another for even a second, they panic.

Upon venturing Disboard, they learn about the rules of this world. They quickly discover that there are 16 nations with different creatures in this realm, and the poor human’s nation (known as Elkia) is at the lowest rank of them all. There, they meet Stephanie, the granddaughter of the previous king of Elkia. Through her, they learn about the decline of Elkia and they participate in the competition to decide the next ruler of Elkia.

After becoming the representative of the human race, Sora and Shiro go on to challenge other nations, with a goal to defeat all 16 nations and challenge the god of games, Tet himself. On the way, they meet interesting new allies, and together they are on the mission to conquer it all.

No Game No Life is fun but also a very exciting anime. The games for every competition are unique and interesting, and the characters are comical. However, when it comes to serious gaming, Sora and Shiro will impress you with their skills and intelligence. The plot is engaging and the animation of this anime is excellent — arguably the best on this list!

The only bad thing about this show is that it only got 12 episodes and 1 movie (named No Game No Life Zero) as an anime. Sadly, there’s very little chance that it will get a second season. Nonetheless, those 12 episodes are worth the watch. And if you like the anime, you can always read the manga to continue the story.

No Game No Life is an Isekai, fantasy, comedy anime that was originally a light novel series written by Yu Kamiya, which premiered in 2014 as a 12 episode anime. A movie named No Game No Life Zero was also released in 2017.

If you are into games or good animation, or anime with an exciting storyline and raunchy humor, then No Game No Life is certainly a good recommendation for you. You can find it on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

In What Way Is No Game No Life Similar to KonoSuba?

No Game No Life does not have an RPG theme, or quests, or guilds, or an evil end boss to kill like KonoSuba. Nevertheless, it is an Isekai genre anime, where the main characters get thrown into another world (and a world of games, for that matter).

The main characters, Sora and Shiro, are very smart and powerful in No Game No Life. This is unlike Kazuma, who is well, just average. Nevertheless, the characters are comical and the anime is both casual and pleasing to the eyes. Plus, both anime are magical and exciting, and both will give you some great chuckles. Like KonoSuba, No Game No Life also comes with an end goal, and the story is progressive.

So, if you like KonoSuba because of it being Isekai, or associated with games, or because of the good animation and comical characters? Well, No Game No Life will tend to your emotions as you pine for watching KonoSuba.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

The epitome of a slice of life comedy anime at its best, Daily Lives of High School Boys is an extremely casual show about some high school boys and all the weird things they do. It is both hilarious and calming, a genuine delight to watch. This show takes comedy to another dimension and presents it to you so normally that you’ll never see it coming.

The story on Daily Lives of High School Boys mainly involves Tadakuni, who seems like the most normal person of them all. Then there’s Hidenori and Yoshitake… and these guys are not normal at all!

The plot often includes other characters from the high school these three go to, and those other people are also on par with their goofiness. Hidenori and Yoshitake do silly, ridiculous stuff that often involves poor Tadakuni, and it’s so much fun to watch.

Daily Lives of High School Boys was written by Yasunobu Yamauchi and adapted into a 12 episode anime by Sunrise (the same company behind Gintama) in 2012. Unfortunately, the show never got more than 12 episodes, but it unquestionably deserved many more.

For quick and tear in the eye laughs, we would highly recommend you to watch this comically brilliant but sadly short (12-episodes) anime Daily Lives of High School Boys.

In What Way Is Daily Lives of High School Boys Similar to KonoSuba?

Daily Lives of High School Boys is in no way an Isekai and nor even it has a fantasy genre for that matter. But it is a casual anime with goofy friends, doing comical things and making the viewers laugh, just like KonoSuba.

The three main characters in Daily Lives of High School Boys feel just like the party in KonoSuba and Tadakuni resembles Kazuma. Plus the anime is also very short, similar to KonoSuba.

If you’re into KonoSuba for the laughs and casual storyline, then the characters and the story of Daily Lives of High School Boys will definitely resonate with you, and make you laugh uncontrollably. So, if you are looking for a quick but fun anime for a solid belly laugh after completing KonoSuba, then Daily Lives of High School Boys is a fantastic choice for you. You can catch it on Crunchyroll.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is the most celebrated anime in the video game genre, and it is rightfully so! It focuses on games in the aspect of virtual reality rather than being an Isekai.

The story of Sword Art Online begins when a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (also known as a VRMMORPG) called “Sword Art Online” is released. Taking virtual reality gaming to the next level, the game uses a headgear called NerveGear, through which the players can control their in-game character with their mind; it feels like they are actually transferred to the gaming world.

It is a dream come true for all the gaming enthusiasts in Japan, and soon 10,000 players log in to play the game. The game is amazing, with no difference to the real world, other than the magic, powerful gear, and stats. Everyone is happy!

…Well, not for long. Soon people realize that they can’t log out of the game, no matter what they try.

When panic sets in the world of Aincrad (the fantasy world in-game), the creator of the game — Akihiko Kayaba — appears, only to bring more bad news. He tells everyone that in order to log out from the game, they need to defeat all 100 levels of Aincrad. On top of that, he warns everyone that if they die in-game or the NerveGear is taken out forcibly in the real world, they will face real-life death.

This is how the story of our protagonist Kirito starts. Now, this plot may seem very dark and scary, but the anime itself is not. Kirito is one of the few beta game testers, so he already has good XP and gear since the start of the game, and he also knows his way around Aincrad. With a tag of “beater,” Kirito starts his journey on the game alone, without joining any guild or a party. And to be fair, he is pretty stellar at the game.

The storyline of Sword Art Online is full of fantasy and romance, and it’ll satisfy that bone of yours which wants to experience living in a game. Kirito has amazing skills and even going rogue, he manages to progress just fine. He soon meets Asuna, and this is where the story takes a romantic turn.

Sword Art Online is a joyful anime and the readers who like romance with fantasy are going to love this anime. It has the perfect balance of fantasy and romance, especially if you’re a fan of MMORPGs and VR, and have dreamed of the time when we can immersively experience games.

With most anime in the list having only a few episodes or being discontinued, Sword Art Online is a wonderful exception. Not only does it have plenty of episodes in a season, but it also has 3 seasons, named Sword Art Online, Sword Art Online II, Sword Art Online: Alicization. It also has one spin-off series called Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online. There are two movies, Sword Art Online: Extra Edition and Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. And finally, a movie named Sword Art Online: Progressive is set to release in 2021.

So, for the readers looking to invest more time into a video game genre anime, Sword Art Online is a wonderful anime to get into. Though some fans of the anime have criticized the other installments of the anime after Sword Art Online, it is subjective to every viewer and you can decide to like or hate the continuation. One thing is certain, though: the first season of the anime is remarkable, and every gaming, fantasy, and romance lover should have a go at it.

That being said, if you are into fantasy, gaming, powerful protagonists, or a good romance, then definitely watch Sword Art Online. You can find it on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

In What Way Is Sword Art Online Similar to KonoSuba?

Sword Art Online is not an Isekai per se like KonoSuba, but it feels like an Isekai because the virtual self of many people is trapped in a game in Sword Art Online.

 This is probably the most similar anime to KonoSuba on the list in terms of the world it’s set in — it has guilds, it has parties, it has levels and regions, the end goal is to beat a boss, and it is a VRMMORPG which is a more complex form of RPG and it also has beautiful female party members surrounding the protagonist.

 The difference here would be that Sword Art Online has a more serious storyline, romance and survival is a major theme in this anime. Whereas KonoSuba has a more comical plot with hilarious encounters with villains and raunchy comedy, Sword Art Online is more focused on the gaming and psychological aspect of the anime. There are also moments of profound sadness in the show.

Regardless of the differences, if you enjoyed KonoSuba for the fantasy RPG world it created and the beautiful girls, you are going to love and enjoy watching Sword Art Online. You’ll envy the characters in the anime for having such a fun gaming experience (well, not very fun actually!), just like we did when we watched it.


Whenever there is a problem in Edo (fun fact: it’s called Tokyo now!) it finds its way to Sakata Gintoki and his friends.

In Gintama, Edo is overtaken by aliens (called Amanto). Our protagonist Sakata Gintoki (who is a former samurai, and fought in the resistance against the Amanto) now lives a normal life doing odd jobs. Suffice to say, Gintoki is a lazy bum who has given up as a samurai after the war, and now carries a wooden sword and picks up his nose.

He is not alone, though. Shortly after the anime beings, he is joined by Shimura Shinpachi, who can only be described as a four-eyed degenerate noob swordsman. His glasses, in fact, seem to get more screen time than him (you have to watch the anime to understand this tidbit!). Together, they eventually get Kagura on their team, who is an alien with otherworldly strength… and whose only genuine concern is food.

Together with these two comical characters, Gintoki runs an odd jobs agency, and boy oh boy do they ever get some odd jobs. As the show progresses, many characters are introduced, and none of them are weakly written. Each character is unique and powerful in some way, and hilarious, to boot.

From policemen to resistance, from samurai to ninjas, you’ll see a lot of fun and some serious life or death action in Gintama. Though it is mostly a comical and light-hearted casual show, there are moments when you see the samurai in Gintoki, and those moments will give you goosebumps.

There are even times when the show does a parody of other popular shōnen anime, which is pretty incredible to see. The three main characters — Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura — can even break the third wall, talking to the viewers (us) at times. They’ll talk about stuff like how lazy the writer is, and how they don’t have enough budget for the next season, and that them talking to us is a way to fill out content because the writer forgot about the next script, and similar self-aware jabs.

Gintama is a manga written by Hideaki Sorachi, which was adapted as an OVA by Sunrise in 2006, and the series ended with 367 episodes in 2018. The show has also produced three films, one of which premiered recently this year.

Overall if you want mind-numbing comedy, with lots of awesome characters and occasional, but deadly action, then we must say that Gintama is always a good recommendation. You can binge watch Gintama on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

In What Way Is Gintama Similar to Konosuba?

Gintama is not an Isekai and nobody is transported to another world or is sent into a video game. But just like Konosuba, Gintama has a group of clumsy and comical allies living together, and with them, he does crazy quest-like jobs — which often leads to funny moments.

The villains also don’t seem to lose their sense of humor, either, ven when they are supposed to be very dangerous, just like in KonoSuba. So, if you like KonoSuba for its humor and comical characters, and are looking for something that tickles your funnybone, while also having some action, Gintama is undoubtedly a good recommendation for you.

Some Honorable Mentions

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

If you like the character of Megumin, you will absolutely adore Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Not only does Rikka from Chunibyo look very similar to Megumin, but she also behaves the same way. It is a Rom-Com with fantasy delusion.

Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

This is another Isekai with an RPG theme. But the story in Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a dark fantasy, where the world is not as fun as KonoSuba. It also has a romantic subplot to it, too.

Highschool DXD

Though not an Isekai, the protagonist in Highschool DXD suddenly discovers the supernatural and is surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls with amazing powers. It has very explicit adult content, though, and contains occasional nudity. So, take note of that before watching it in front of the whole family.

What’s Our Favorite Anime From this List?

The decision is not easy, but the anime that sticks to our heart the most is Daily Lives of High School Boys. We had the most fun watching this particular anime. Why? Well, the comedy in Daily Lives of High School Boys just hit all the right spots at the right time, and it was so casual and effortless to watch this that we could watch it anytime and anywhere. In short, Daily Lives Of High School Boys is a non-stop dose of laughter and enjoyment.

If you want to experience a pure surge of comedy and enjoy a show with your best friends, we cannot recommend Daily Lives of High School Boys enough! The anime has fantastic and hysterical characters doing very basic things — but to the point comedy. It is a perfect anime for relaxing and for those moments where you want to forget all the bad things in life.

The Anime Most Similar to KonoSuba!

Though there can be no replacement for your favorite anime, there is always something to just fill that gap in your heart, and give you the satisfaction that the anime once provided.

In this scenario, the anime which will fill that gap and satisfy you is No Game No Life. Not only does this anime come with a tag of Isekai, but it also has the same raunchy comedy as KonoSuba.

The clumsy character of Stephanie from No Game No Life is just like Aqua, the goddess from KonoSuba. The cute chibi Megumin from KonoSuba is just like Shiro from No Game No Life. The crazy and pervert character of Jibril from No Game No Life is similar to that of Darkness from KonoSuba. And just like Kazuma from KonoSuba, Sora is also surrounded by beautiful girls all the time!

If you are looking to hop into a very similar ride like KonoSuba, No Game No Life will be a pleasant surprise for you. Fulfilling your gaming-fantasy-world desires with the same touches of humor and raunchy comedy, No Game No Life is sure to leave you wanting for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will KonoSuba have a 3rd season?

Answer: Nobody is sure! Though the anime did very well in terms of money, earning a good amount from the 2 seasons and also doing good with the merchandise. Its 2nd season came out in 2017 and there has been no news about the 3rd season. Going by the numbers, and if we listen to the internet, KonoSuba should be receiving a 3rd season soon. But until we hear any official announcements, we can only hope that a 3rd season comes out soon.

Question: What genre does KonoSuba come under?

Answer: KonoSuba is what we call an Isekai, these are the anime in which a character is transported or trapped or reborn into another world of fantasy, where they need to follow the rules of the new world and learn to harness the power of that world, in order to survive. If you want to look for more similar anime like KonoSuba on a genre basis, simply search for Isekai anime.

Question: How many episodes are there in KonoSuba?

Answer: KonoSuba currently has 2 seasons containing 10 episodes each, which totals to 20 episodes. It also has 2 OVAs (Original Video Animation), and 1 movie by the name of KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson was released in 2019. Hopefully, though, we might get to see more of KonoSuba soon.

Question: Why is Aqua so useless?

Answer: Despite being a goddess, Aqua is often called useless by Kazuma. Though she has immense power and arcane knowledge, she has very low stats for smartness as we discover in the first episode. Even with such power, she fails to use the right skill at the right time, and hence, she rightfully earns the title of “useless.”

That doesn’t mean she is weak, though; she can use powerful water magic, cleanse the undead and curses, heal others, and she can even resurrect dead people! And honestly, we have to give her extra points for her beauty and adorable personality, too.

Final Thoughts

There are certain fantasies in this world that cannot be fulfilled. It makes people sad sometimes, and they may unfortunately give up on fantasies, creativeness, and magic. Though it is not possible to fulfill such fantasies, we can enjoy a part of such fantasies vicariously through the world of cinema… and anime excels at that.