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There’s a certain emptiness that comes with finishing an anime. Whether it’s a short, 12 episode anime or an anime that stretches into the triple digits, finishing an anime is a bittersweet experience. And although the experience is universal, it carries a little extra bitterness when the Anime series is longer. It’s only natural, given the extra investment and care given in the following characters, seeing them grow, and eventually waving them goodbye. 

Black Clover can certainly leave the audience wanting, as they have to leave the dynamic characters and engaging world that is created. Many will want to know if anything similar is out there? However, the world of anime is abundant with content, and even if something can’t perfectly fill the hole left by Black Clover, something can.

Black Clover

What is Black Clover?

For those who have only dabbled, or for those who have watched some of it and are looking to come back to it, Black Clover follows the stories of Asta and Yuno. The two have had a brother-like relationship ever since they were found outside an orphanage together. As they grow up, the different levels of magic inherent in the brothers are evident. In this world, magic decides everything, including social status. 

Whenever someone reaches the age of 15, they receive a Grimoire. This magical tome helps people to control and focus their magic as they grow up. Yuno has received a Four Leaf Clover, while most people are only given a two or three-leaf.

Asta is given nothing because he doesn’t have an ounce of magic inside him. However, after a fateful encounter, his years of honing his body allow him to unlock his potential. After this, one of a kind Five Leaf Clover, a “Black Clover,” becomes his Grimoire. 

Yuno joins a group of elite wizards, seeking to make the next wizard king, while Asta is chosen by a rogue group of mystics called the Black Bulls. Though the two are separate, they both are working to accomplish their shared goal of becoming the wizard king.

What is the Best Anime Like Black Clover?

When figuring out which anime are similar to what you’ve already watched, it’s important to break the anime down into its key themes and motifs. One of the biggest motifs of the story is the prodigy vs. misfit dynamic. 

In the story, Yuno is clearly the more gifted of the two. He has a lot of innate magic skill, has the support of lots of people, and radiates confidence, despite his silence. Asta, on the other hand, is scraping the bottom of the barrel, in all the areas mentioned above.

One of the best parts of the show, however, is the rival relationship between Asta and Yuno. Unlike most rivalries, which revolve around the “superior” character mocking, degrading, and scorning the other, Yuno sticks up for Asta and drives to become better and better. Yuno sees this as a way to inspire Asta just like he was inspired by Asta when he was a younger child. Overall, the two just have a very healthy rivalry.

Another key aspect to the world of Black Clover is the nature of the world they live in. In Black Clover, everyone has magic, from the poorest commoner to the richest noble. Everyone save Asta. This sets him apart in the world that he lives in.

However, this alienating factor does not really sadden Asta, but it serves as something that continues to drive him to greatness. Not only that, but it creates a lot of empathy for the viewer because the magic of the world seems new and confusing to the viewer as it does to Asta. This wonder attitude toward magic connects the viewer and Asta.

Best Anime Like Black Clover

One final key element of Black Clover is the idea of following the path less traveled. For Yuno, he is asked to join nearly every Wizard Knight Squad. He looks at the pros and cons of each group and chooses the group that will most likely allow him to one day become the Wizard King.

As for Asta, he is only invited to join the Black Bulls. Whereas some people would forgo joining a squad at all if the Black Bulls was their only option, Asta joins them. Asta has this mentality of taking what he can get and working with whoever he can. Nothing is too lowly for him, so long as it makes a name for him, his Squad, and works him up toward facing the Wizard King.

Taking into account those three elements, there is at least a handful of anime that might satisfy that craving for magic, adventure and combat. Some will be a little less magical, while others might live up to that criteria. The bottom line is that each of these anime, in some way, has a similar feel to Black Clover, and can provide the viewer with an enjoyable experience.

Going One on One with Kill La Kill

If you love a good, ole fashioned rivalry, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing stirs up a show and pushes drama like two people competing against one another. After all, conflict is the heart of every show and book, and what is conflict but two things in opposition. There are various forms of conflict, but the conflict between rivals is key to Black Clover, as well as these anime.

High School is a place where rivalries are all but a required class. From the jocks who compete to be on varsity teams, to the more academically gifted students who try to score better than their peers, high school seems to have been born to create rivalries.

Now imagine a school, where rivalry not only flourishes but is demanded. Students must compete for power, and those among the elite get to serve at the beck and call of the top student. 

kill la kill

If you are a viewer who wants a more intense rivalry, then the rivalry described above is for you. Kill La Kill sees one of the most intense rivalries of anime with a face off between Satsuki Kiriyuin, the “Student Council Leader/God” of Honnouji Academy versus Ryoto Matoi, a dark haired vixen set on revenge.

If high school wasn’t interesting enough, Ryoto Matoi accuses Satsuki of killing her father. The two continuously try to outmaneuver the other, trying to get the upper ground. 

With such an intense rivalry, it may go a bit further than the limits of Black Clover, but the intensity of the two students, one competing for closure and the other for her ideals, makes for a compelling rivalry.

More Palatable Fare with Food Wars

If Kill La Kill is a bit too intense of a rivalry (or the school uniforms are a little too objectionable), another rivalry that might be more akin to that of Yuno and Asta might be found in Food Wars. Though the two shows are drastically different in content, the rivalry of Yukihira Soma, the protagonist, and Takumi Aldini is on par with that of Yuno and Asta. 

Yukihira Soma is one of the only practical chefs to attend Totsuki Academy. As a chef, he makes a promise that he won’t be beaten by people who have never served customers day after day.

food wars

For the first few episodes, he lives up to that claim, until he meets Aldini. Aldini is one of a pair of twins, a blonde haired boy from Italy. Aldini reveals to Yukihira that he runs a trattoria, an Italian version of a diner, and very similar to the kind of customers and locale that Yukihira would serve. 

When the two first meet, they duel off, trying to outcook each other, and they do so for the first season or so. However, there is a lot of wholesome care between the two, and Yukihira even risks expulsion in an attempt to win back Aldini’s honor. The way the two stick up for each other, while still competing to be the better chef, brings back memories of Black Clover in an extremely pleasant way.

Reap What You Sow in the Seven Deadly Sins

Some viewers might be all about the action of a rivalry, of the physical battle of strength and might. For those viewers, Seven Deadly Sins offers a great rivalry in the form of Meliodus and Ban. Meliodus and Ban are the strongest two of the Seven Deadly Sins, but the two often face off against each other. 

However, as the show progresses, the two have some fearsome battles, with their rivalry being deepened and changed by various elements introduced in later episodes (no spoilers, but the two go from having lots of play fights to having literal life or death fights against each other.)

Seven Deadly Sins

Ultimately, Seven Deadly Sins might hint at a more serious confrontation that might happen later in Black Clover, since Yuno and Asta cannot both be the Wizard King. If viewers want a taste of some serious combat before seeing what the end of Black Clover might have in store, it would be a wise idea to watch Seven Deadly Sins.

A World of Magic with The Ancient Magus Bride

One show that offers the same feeling regarding magic and being outside of it is The Ancient Magus Bride. This show follows Chise and Elias Ainsworth, both of who are magical outcasts from the world they live in.

Chise is something called a “Sleigh Beggy,” a magical creature with large magic potential, but that only lives a short life. Ainsworth is a strange creature on the border of distinctions, not quite human, not quite fairy, not quite… anything. 

Ancient Magus Bride

These two outcasts, distanced from the world around them, seek friendship and love from each other and must overcome those hurdles along the way. The Ancient Magus Bride offers a more romantic take on the outcast or misfit status that Asta is labeled within Black Clover.

The Killer Plot of Assassination Classroom

The only thing more endearing than a single misfit is a whole class of them. In Assassination Classroom, every episode delves a little into the students of E-Class. A normal school might label the E-Class as students on probation, but in Assassination Classroom, the whole class is mocked, scorned, and ostracized from the rest of the school.

Best Anime Like Black Clover

Only through the careful teaching and genuine compassion of their teacher, Korosensei, do they learn more about themselves and how they aren’t really outcasts if they have each other. Quite a powerful lesson, given that their teacher is a deadly space alien capable of flying at Mach 20!

The Gift of Magi

Another anime that does well with creating a magical world is Magi. In Magi, the viewer follows the story of Alibaba and Aladdin. Aladdin is a magic user, with a magical flute that summons a powerful Djinn. In this universe, conquering dungeons and taming their Djinn is the path to riches and glory.

Alibaba wants to do this, but knows very little about the Djinn or how to beat them, and only with the help of Aladdin is he able to do so. This show creates a fantastical world, remodeling the classic story views of characters like Aladdin, Alibaba, and Sinbad into something utterly unique to the world of Magi.

The Gift of Magi

All That Glitters

In Black Clover, Asta takes the path less traveled and has to fight for everything. He needs to build up his reputation and develop the skills that he will certainly need.

This comes as a contrast to Yuno who joins the group most likely to make him a Wizard King. There are some really phenomenal anime that also follow a path similar to Asta, and where a character has to fight their way up from the bottom.

The Epic Battles of Noragami

One anime that makes the viewer feel deeply for the protagonist in this manner is Noragami. Noragami is a world where gods fight off monsters and evil creatures, keeping the unknowing human populace safe.

However, the standards for what makes a god have dropped dramatically. Case in point, Yato. Yato is one of these “gods,” but he has no recognition or following, and is reduced to wearing the same track suit every day. 


Yato’s goal is to build a shrine for himself. How does he do this? By being hired for various jobs. The only issue is that Yato’s code of business only allows him to charge 5 yen per job.

So this god keeps all his earnings in a jar, hoping to one day, have a shrine and followers like the other gods. If you want someone fighting just as hard as Asta for their dreams, then look no further than Yato in Noragami.

The Complex Characters of Haikyuu!

One final endearing character who takes the hard path is Shoyo Hinata from Haikyuu! In this show, the main character wants nothing more than to be a hitter for a volleyball team. For Hinata, nothing is more satisfying than that feeling when he can spike a ball over the net.

However, the problems facing Hinata are two-fold. First off, Hinata’s school doesn’t have a volleyball team. Second off, Hinata is extremely short, and is a solid head or so shorter than even an average hitter. 

With all of this facing him, Hinata is an underdog from the get go. Only by pairing with another loose cannon player, this one a setter, can he finally be able to work toward his dreams. However, there is a lot of hard work between getting accepted on a team and becoming the star player he wants to be.

Haikyuu anime

Frequently Asked Questions

For some, it is all well and good to want to watch anime like Black Clover, however, there might still be some unresolved or unanswered questions about the show. As it is still in production and new seasons will still be coming out, here is a section for the most frequently asked questions in regards to Black Clove.r

Question: Is Black Clover finished?

Answer: As of now, Black Clover has three completed seasons. The story of Asta and the gang is far from over, and the first three seasons have received such a solid reception that there will indeed be a fourth season. The fourth season was set to be a part of the Fall 2020 line up, but due to complications related to COVID 19, the anime has been delayed until at least 2021. For the animation studios, they are still working on a safe environment to bring all their workers back into, and until they can protect the people who animate our favorite mangas, then the anime will continue to see delays. However, while the anime itself is still in the running, the manga that it is based on has reached an indefinite conclusion.

Question: Is Black Clover one of the best anime?

Answer: Black Clover offers many things to the viewer that would certainly cause them to come back for more. However, that being said, any anime claiming to be “The Best Anime” is a difficult thing. Ultimately, the true judge of an anime is the viewer, and each viewer has different expectations. Keeping that in mind, before laying claim to the title of best anime, Black Clover needs to see a little more run time. Most “Best Anime” have quite a few seasons, because this creates a lot of depth and connection between the characters of the show and the viewers. If Black Clover manages to generate a few more seasons, it may be able to take a run at being among some very popular anime.

Question: Is Black Clover a long running anime?

Answer: Any anime that sees a renewal for a second season could be dubbed as “long running.” Many anime don’t get the reception that the studios hope, and so stories and characters are left on the cutting floor, staring out into the horizon of a half finished adventure. For Black Clover, three seasons and the upcoming fourth season could certainly place it in the long running anime list. If you are comparing a long running anime to something like Naruto or Dragon Ball Z, then you should try to lower your expectations a bit, as most anime will fall well short of those episode counts. However, Black Clover is holding its own when compared to other anime.

Question: How old should you be to watch Black Clover?

Answer: While you can be any age to watch any anime, Black Clover would be best suited with boys in their teens. This would certainly fall in the anime that revolves around a sort of “coming of age” story, and where the audience can theoretically grow up alongside the characters, to a degree. That being said, anyone can enjoy any anime, and there will be no age restriction to a solid anime.

Question: How many episodes does Black Clover have?

Answer: As of 2020, Black Clover has 153 episodes. The first season saw 51 episodes, with each subsequent season being the same length. With season four of Black Clover still being in production, the show will likely reach the 200 mark unless the studio makes a shorter season due to difficulties related to COVID 19.

Top Recommendation

For those who like a little bit of everything mentioned above, and who want something that is, holistically speaking, the closest to Black Clover, then you need look no further than My Hero Academia. From an initial glance, it may seem like the two are very different from each other, but they fall along the same criteria as mentioned earlier.

Starting off, My Hero Academia has one of the most intense rivalries of any current anime, between Midoriya and Bakugo. Bakugo, much like Yuno, is a wonderchild with an amazing quirk that has impressed every student and teacher as he was growing up. Midoriya, on the other hand, has grown up without any power and with no real hope of becoming a hero.

That being so, Midoriya still tries out for the hero school UA, alongside Bakugo. Bakugo shows a lot of bullying and anger to Midoriya early on in the show, but their rivalry becomes more complex and deep as the show goes on. Even to date, the two are still competing to be the best hero, and each new season offers new conflicts and depth in their rivalry.

Secondly, the world of My Hero Academia is magical, in the sense that every “Quirk,” or power, is utterly unique and grabs the interest of the audience. Half of the interest of each new season is to see the powers of other students and of the villains that are thrown up against the heroes.

As those new powers are put on display, the show uses it for a lot of utility. Heroes that might be highly effective against certain villains or other heroes might not even be a challenge to beat for the right person. This unique system of strengths and weaknesses is what makes the show interesting and continues to maintain a steady viewing audience.

Lastly, Midoriya does get a power (won’t spoil exactly how or why, but it’s pretty amazing). However, he quickly realizes that unlike all his classmates, he is unable to wield this newly found power. It often injures him.

So, not only does he have to work to strengthen his power so that he can be the number one hero, but he needs to train his body in mind in such a way that he can use his power without hurting himself or those around him.

This is a painstaking process, and he still cannot fully use his power, even in the most recent season. In this way, it is similar to the way that Asta needs to build up his own skills and “magic” so that he can become the Wizard King one day.