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Day: January 7, 2021

The Best Anime Like Akame Ga Kill: Top Recommendations

The Best Anime Like Akame Ga Kill: Top Recommendations

As far back as humanity itself, the great common denominator of our species has been communication. The way we convey our stories — and the very fact that we tell them — shapes how we live life, understand it, and tell stories of our own. Since the dawn of civilization itself, a few decades times a few thousand years ago, we have used myth and fiction to shape and explain our very lucid realities. Gilgamesh is so far ago, and yet we have tales not so distant even today. 

Art shapes the mind and meanders in a tango with story-telling. Most humans have visual connectivity to their conceptualization, and the fantastic is imaginable through a link between our capacities to understand what’s before us, and what we can consciously conjure. And in the great evolution of storytelling, arrived animation. Here, the limits for potential are expanded to the greatest horizons.