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Day: November 3, 2020

Best Anime Like One Punch Man – 12 Top Recommendations in 2022

Best Anime Like One Punch Man – 12 Top Recommendations in 2022

The world of anime is as vast as it is strange — strange in wonderful ways, in exhilarating ways, and even in surprisingly profound and emotional ways. Anime, like many other forms of media, manages to tell the human experience and some fundamental truth about who we are as a collective of individuals through the most preposterous or outlandish reality conjured up by some very creative individuals. Though no being has likely ever actually been a half-demon super-being or a mystically inclined wisp, we have all overcome some feat that felt impossible, or have experienced something out of normal and seemingly otherworldly.

One Punch Man is no exception to an insanely impossible universe reflecting some of the most real struggles we carry in our lives. There are many reasons to love One Punch Man. Following the terminus of an anime can leave a few feelings, including an absolute craving for more, or an emptiness longing for more. Regardless, a show so loved can only